I want to Write a Book about my Life

I' d like to write a book about my life.

The first bestseller to come to mind is your life story. You write the ten worst things that have happened in your life. The writing of books has changed my life. It is not because I have nothing to say (I have more to say than ever before). We' re probably talking about an entire book here.

I' d like to make a story about my own world, but I' m not gifted or well-to-do. So how do I get them to read it?

In the first place, it is not possible to live a totally unattractive one. When it'?s worst, tell me about the wretchedness. You' re gonna toss stones across the canal? Indeed, when you think about it, "normality" is an asset. They are so much nearer to their readership than, says Muhammad Ali or George W. Bush.

You' re likely to come across a number of editions that your reader does too. Presumably George W. Bush will never have to worry if he has cash for his date, but you probably have. Or Muhammad Ali probably didn't have to be worried about going into the shadowy alleyways, but you probably do.

The closeness to the reader allows you to feel their hearts, divide their sorrows, join their triumph. Second, (and I have stolen that from Nobody Wants to READ YOUR SH*t, so just reading the book), you need a topic for your book/memoir, no matter what your own world was. Well, if you have a section in your story books (and even then), you need something greater than yourself to make a good one.

Nobody wants to see your ******. So you need something larger, more precious, more relevant in order to embed your work. Therefore, your memoirs and those of Muhammad Ali would face the same challenges and would take about the same time. Muhammad Ali was just a guy who beat others for a livelihood without a decent subject and a decent letter.

He was the greatest sportsman who ever had the right subject and the right way of thinking. Even if you find a suitable topic (e.g. "Citizens' Perspective of Government Expanding after September 11th"), you are not only a character, but a testimony of the story, a champion of charity, a conquerer of high schools. Third, who do you write for?

When you are writing for yourself / your offspring / those you want to get to know of course, you don't mind. No matter what you spell will be precious.

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