I want to Write a Book about my Life

I' d like to write a book about my life.

To write such a book, you just have to know your own story. For to write a book is like the holy grail of life as a writer. So how long have you been planning on writing a book? When you' re like me, you might want to write a book your whole life. You' ve got to stop putting it off.

10 top 10 good reason why I want to make a (comic) book (about my life)

Yes, there are a few works that have been published from the point of view of a female friend who is actually from America and knows a man from Japan (ok, so I only know one, but I'm sure there are others). There' s also a comicbook ( "My darling is a foreigner"), wrote by a female from Japan, who is wed to an male from America, about her everyday routine in Japan.

There' s also a well-known cartoon (which will soon be a book!), "My Koreaan Husband" about an Aussie girl, who is wedded to a native Kurd. However, as far as I know, there is no comicbook written by an US citizen (let alone a "Texan!") who is wed to a Japonese about her everyday work in Japan.

The first of its kind will be my autobiographic cartoon "My Japan Husband Thinks I'm Crazy". In the beginning I had advertisements everywhere, desperately to benefit from my blogs. But most ( "serious") advertisements cost about $1 for every 3,000 - 5,000 view. Blogsging draws up quite a bit ofthe time...between typing the blogs post, plotting the cartoons, responding to notes, and reformatting this blogs, I averages about 3-4 hrs a days.

" Either I have to find a way to monetise my diary to make this a profit, or I have to reduce my typing and find a "real job". "Between my part-time work, my freelancer and my blogs, I do just enough that I wouldn't die of starvation if I were to live in a small one-room flat and eat it every nigh.

And Ryosuke proposed to me that I should make a work. When it succeeds, I can continue to compose and blog full-length. It' my first and last opportunity to release a work. So far it seems that other folks would like to see what I do. That'?s enough to make a script, isn't it?

This is one of my greatest flaws in my typing. I' m not claiming to be an "experienced" author - I can't weav words and speak about landscapes like most people. Anything I can do is just text so that it's simple to see and comprehend. Do you recall when I said this fair (comics of US girls coupled with men from Japan) does not reallyexisted?

and I wanted to talk about everyday living in Japan with the eye of an US girl who' s wedded to a Jap. It' nice to be coupled to my man, who is completely ludicrous. The whole point of my blogs is that we have an interesting and strange world. As a comic artist I really like to write and draw comic books.

It seems like an unbelievable, yet intimate mile-stone. I' m going to end it - to show that I can. It was the first person I met seriously.... and somehow we got remarried and moved to Tokyo. I' ll have it. It'?s what I want.

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