I want to Write a Blog

I' d like to write a blog

Select a blogging platform, domain name and hosting option. Create your blog with a simple theme. Change your blog to get the look you want. Choose the best plugins for your blog. Create compelling content that adds value to readers.

In 2018 how to launch a blog (to earn or otherwise)

You wonder how to launch a blog? I' ll show you exactly how to make your own blog, without any technological expertise. My first blog was made in 2004 with zero computer skills. I have learnt and this tutorial is for those who want step-by-step tutorials in a basic and straightforward form.

Determine what you want to blog about. Select a blog viewing site. Select a domainname. Launch with WordPress. Create & use your blog! Please click here to go to the tutorial and go to the next one. Commencing a blog? Why should you want to blog? Earn your living while working from home.

Earning more than bloggers is tough work, but it is low risks, low overhead and low entrance barriers. Blog is one of the simplest and most efficient places to get started. Blog gives everyone, from individual users to large corporations, the opportunity to connect with a large number of users at very low costs.

You just write. When you want to write, split your history, inspire others and create a fellowship, a blog is a great place to do that. Do you see how you would profit from a blog? What does a blog overprice? When my blog and my revenue increased, I finally began to pay for more premier gadgets and service, but they are not needed to launch.

Is it free to post a blog? But here is my own advice: A free blog is good if it's a pastime. I do not suggest launching a free blog if you want to make it. A number of free of charge non-monetarization features restrict monetisation (i.e. earning money) unless you "upgrade" to a higher one.

Of course, you have to buy this update, so it doesn't fulfill the goal of having a free blog at all. Businesses do not provide free blogging out of the kindness of their heart. You still want to make some kind of living. When you only use their free services, they do not earn with you.

When you ever want to change to a better blogging experience (very often for those who launch a free blog), this is a problem and can be expensive. You are starting a free blog. Soon, they realize that there are a lot of things on other blog that they want. So if these 6 general traps don't persuade you, or a free blog is really your only option, I'd go with Blogger.

My simple following instructions to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog do not require any engineering work. When you are part of a corporation, firm or organisation, your blog should be related to the products or services you offer or the reason you advertise. When you are an individuall, you have more flexible choice of topics.

You can blog about something you like. When you' re not upset about your subject, it will be a toil. A blog about something with a great deal of room for debate. Blogging needs a great deal of contents to get going and stay interesting. Select a recess where you can become established as an author.

You' re probably not the first to blog about the subject you've chosen. Have you got a decent opportunity to make your blog better than others who talk about the same thing? It is the aim of every blog to become the contact point for its subject or its alchemy. If I can't make up my mind about a blog theme, what happens?

Begin anyway! One of the most frequent mistakes made by beginners is the idea that you have to be sure about a subject in order to get started. Whoever wants to prepare food needs a cuisine. To blog, you need a blogsite. You have a wide range of blogs to chose from. WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are some of them.

They all have advantages and disadvantages, but WordPress is by far the most favorite (source), and for good reasons. I' m using and recommending WordPress (but not via WordPress.com). When you select WordPress, you have two options: either to host or to host yourself. WordPress blog hosting, sometimes referred to as WordPress.com blog hosting, is free, but it limits your earning power.

Even WordPress blog hosting, sometimes also known as WordPress. org blog hosting, costs a little bit of cash, but gives you much more freedom and does not restrict your earning power. These tutorials will show you how to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog, the blogging tool favored by both beginners and experienced users. Notice: Although a self-hosted WordPress blog is sometimes labeled as a "WordPress.org" blog, you are not the only.

I hope I have persuaded you of the advantages of WordPress, but there is still something to know. WorldPress is just a piece of work. Then you can have it downloaded to your PC, but then your blog is only available to you. WordPress alone does not make your blog go online.

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