I want to Start Reading Books where do I Start

I' d like to start reading books, where should I start?

If it' only for a few minutes, it'll all add up week after week. I have categorised them a little so that you can make decisions based on what you like to read. This is my chair (Start Reading: Just Like You). A trait you must have is determination. Things are happening, you're busy, things are piling up.

There are 5 ways to boost and support your reading habits

Reading is'boring' for many to do. For them, books are reminiscent of something they had to do in college. I didn't realise until recently how much they actually refused to do so, as if there was something to do. I' ve seen tens of facesbook profile with "don't read" or even a "you're joking" in my favourite bookbox.

I know where to start. And if you're not already a keen readership, you might be a little overpowered by the selection of books available. Don't ever buy RRP for a work. I always go to Amazon, but the depot is usually less expensive for new books and free shipping around the world.

When you know someone who reads, you can lend or trade with your mates, your mates, your parents, and even your teachers (especially useful for hard-to-find/expensive books in your area). Or you could just sit back and take a target. By choosing a subject area by reading one weekly volume, you can become an'international expert' within a few years.

When this is a little too much, you can easy set your own target like two books per week (1 books per 14 days), or twenty books per year (about 1 books per 20 days). Having a target will make it easier for you to make your list(s) and possibly go through many more books than you would otherwise do.

Whichever it is, pick it and study as many books as you can find about it. Would you like to look at a different part of the collection, pick up a volume at random and look at the cover text or the first page? Now, don't try to think of reading as a tiresome duty. Don't miss this, start reading today.

Have you got any more thoughts on how to get more information? Any recommended books? Would you like to tell us what you are reading? Soon you will receive recommended books, interesting blogs and MS Blogs up-dates!

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