I want to Publish my Book Online

I' d like to publish my book online

Selling online - If you can sell books directly, you get a better margin. All you need is a solid online presence, a clear and unique message and a lot of passion and perseverance. While it is possible to read a book online, it is not exactly an ideal format for reading in long formats.

Publication of a book online in series format

I recently released a book of literature, first in series on my own website, then as a whole book on Amazon.com. The publication of the book in series, chapters by chapters, was an interesting one. This book is A World If You Please, with Trilby Trench and a compilation of enemies and family.

TRILBIY Trench is a tech author who enjoys a little extra work. Trilby's friend knows that the Trilby quest struts and she struts it right back. This serialized book is online on the website of Trilby Trench (free of charge). The book can also be downloaded from Amazon.com as a Kindle e-book (USD $3.11) and as a pocket book (USD $6.99).

Making a book series? I had been thinking about the publication in series for a while. How about it for me as an writer and for the person who reads my book? Like, would the publication of the book in series be a good way to get reader feedbacks? I have received more commentaries on this book than on the other literature that I have written.

Commentaries are posted on Facebook, the Trilby Trench website and other popular sites. It can be a real problem for an writer to publish a book in chapters. You cannot edit a section once you have it. So if your action goes wrong or you forget to add something to a previous section, you have to work around that.

You will need a very good layout for the whole book before you publish the first section. That kind of publication made me think a great deal about my readership. Excitement can heighten your interest in the book. Maybe a serialized book would last longer than if they had been reading it all at once.

How can I publish a book in series? I' ve looked at a few ways where and how I can publish the book online. Wantpad is an online fellowship for reader and author. When you publish your work there, you have a finished public and a media that brings together the author and reader.

But I wasn't sure if the Wattpad was the right place for my book. Some of the most loved ones are sci-fi, young adults and imagination, and my book doesn't fall into these genre groups. Considering this, I chose to publish the book on my own blogs or website to give me more controll.

On the one side, this blogs focuses on diction and tech write, so it would be a good place for the book. First and foremost, this diary is a diary, while I wanted a page that focuses on the book and not on the post.

So I needed a different look, and I didn't want to get into feathers. Considering the different possibilities, I chose to build a new website for the book. Actually, the website is for the Trilby Trench characters, as I intend to publish more than one book with Trilby as a heroe.

How do you feel about serialized notion? So if you have any commentary from your own experiences as a scholar of series literature, be it my book or others, I'm curious what you think. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of serialized clich├ęs? Also, commentaries from writers would be interesting!

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