I want to Publish my Book on Amazon

I' d like to publish my book on Amazon

The man after my heart! There is no limit to the number of times you can update your files. for three or four days. I like self-publishing, but I don't want to be a symbol of it or anything else. Would you like to publish your book on Amazon Kindle?

Amazon's new scheme to make writers paid every time someone turns a page

Recently, when I heard about Amazon's new scheme to get some writers to cover every page a Kindle reader is reading, I remember an editorial journalist looking at my suggestions for books and saying, "It felt like you only had 20,000 words of work.

At least 80,000 words are required for a single work. "At that time, works were published on demand and distributed. As my journalist said, the reader wanted to have the feeling that they had gained some weight, both physically and intellectually, for their own goodness.

I' m a little self-conscious to tell that one of my early works contained a big blind gut just so that its size would pop out on the shelves. Pills, like the Kindle, have begun to alter this system. They made it possible not only to see 50 shades of grey in the underground without anyone knowing it, but also something thick and important, such as war and peace.

Soon the Kindle manufacturer will turn over the reimbursement scheme for some of the writers who rely on him for the sale. Rather than pay these writers according to the books, Amazon will soon begin to pay writers on the basis of how many pages are viewed - not how many pages are downloading, but how many pages are shown on the monitor long enough to be analyzed.

That' s so much about the old cliché of the publisher that it doesn't really make any difference how many readers are reading your work. To the many writers who post directly via Amazon, the new style might distort the priority of writing: Anything that makes you addicted is rewarded, even if it means less attention to nuances and complexities.

Currently, to the writers who through Amazon directly to be paid, the corporation puts a bundle of currency each months - this monthly it is $ 3 million - and shares it among the writers. Amazon has in the past been measuring the number of "loans" or the number of downloaded items and calculating each author's stake in the group.

One of my "Borrow" in February was valued at $1.38. That' s not a poor sum for a brief ledger, but it is much less than the emoluments that a large ledger could deserve. From July Amazon will divide the swimming pools according to the number of pages it reads.

The per-page pricing is valid for Amazon publishing as part of Kindle United and Kindle Online Lending Library programmes. Amazons various Netflix-like subscription plans for its various book libraries. Lending Library" is an advantage of Amazon Prime subscription (which is $99 per year), and the Kindle unlimited services cost $9.99 per months.

Although the offers of many major publishing houses are contained in these programmes, the detailed information on these offers has not been disclosed. Your writers may or may not be payed by the site. Amazon's proclamation only states that the new phrase will apply to Kindle Select products that are self-published and sold through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing programme.

Amazon's letters to novelists publishing through its Kindle Select programme stated that the phrase changed in response to concerns that "paying the same for all of a book, regardless of its length, cannot offer a sufficient match between the interests of the author and the reader. "Skilful Amazon:

Whilst the writers of large, long and important textbooks felt that they were outmatched by a pay-by-the-borrow formulation, they probably hadn't expected Amazon to take their suggestion one notch further. Rather than having to hire the most challenging, long-winded writers for every page you write, Amazon pays them for every page you have.

Writers will not be able to depend on the old high scholastic ploy to use a larger typeface, because there is a new standardised metrics, the Kindle Edition Normalised Page Count (KENPC), which starts at the "Start Reading Location". The documentary states: "Non-text items in text files, such as pictures, diagrams and graphics, are important for the KENPC of a work.

" "A spokesman for Amazon said to me in an e-mail: "We think this is a sound move forward. "As always, our aim is to create a website that will reward writers for their precious work, attract more reading and encourage them to continue reading. "In the age of the electronic age, the economy of briefs is different.

To pay someone to go down an alley or unwrap a notebook and put it on the bookshelf - a big factor in the development of the 80,000 word principle - is no longer a problem. It has some benefits for the writers. On the one hand, it is faster to produce shorter ledgers. When I wrote my account of deception on the SAT, it took me only about two month to research, type and revise.

A last Medici announced a resume of my work on Amazon that complains that as many as 99 cents was too costly for what was just a blogs posting. All of a sudden, there's no rewards for a big ledger that nobody is reading. For example, many folks have jested that nobody could have been able to see the 700 pages of Thomas Piketty's capital in the 21 st century because it was so thick and wrote for the insider.

This was the kind of bestseller they got because it was looking good on the couch-board. Authors who are playing Amazon's games will find these big hobbies even less lasting if they don't really read every page. There may not be many awards for those who write briefly.

When I work really harder to be concise and crunchy to keep the reader's eye on it, there will be fewer pages to reading and less cash to earn. "Since I have worked really harder to make my brief works a little bit briefer, I may have destroyed the effect that some people yearn for, the opportunity to get lost in another time.

A former editor of mine was reading one of my brief ledgers and said he didn't have enough spare minute to unwind. "I felt like on a violent walk instead of a pleasant walk through a book," he said. Amazon's move is thrilling in many ways, especially for those who can provide the page breaks that are honored with the new name.

It' simple for authors to think they are helpless because one dominating firm changes course at a momentary pace - and in the end it seems to be so. We' d like to know what you think of this product.

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