I want to Publish a Book

I' d like to publish a book

If, however, you want to avoid paying for a book cover, you should avoid some pitfalls. You didn't know she was my friend. Suggested book (the most important information). Anything you' d particularly like to include? We have added reviews collected by eKomi, the Feedback Company.

I' d like to publish a book myself. So where do I begin?

After working with self-publishers on book publication related issues for over 35 years, I have found that most prospective book publisher have the same key-issues. In order to address these key issues, I co-authored the book Publication Basics- a Guide for the Small Press and Independent Self-Publisher.

The book is about to be published for the 4th time and has assisted over 30,000 writers in their move from writer to book publishers. You can get a free copy of Publish Basics by clicking here. Whilst the book is a general basis of the book publication industry, it is not geared to the needs of a particular writer.

Please fill in the self-publishing test "Was sind Sie für ein Selbstverlag". It is a question that asks the publishers to respond to seven easy and straightforward issues. Responses to these issues are then verified and an individualised self-publishing study is given back to the writer. Combining the book Publish Basics with this personalized approach gives the writer a clear idea of what is ahead of him on the way to becoming a bookhouse.

You may be surprised by the results. Use the self-publishing analytics quiz now!

Publishing with us

You will be notified of the ruling by the Drafting Board. Photocopies, handwritten manuscripts or printed copies can be sent. It is not permitted to make a softer copy of the script. A definitive ruling on the synthesis will be made as soon as the entire script is available. How many working hours will it take to decide on the script?

If you are interested, the editors will mail a short note with the final result to the following adress. How does it proceed if the editors accept the choice to publish the work? There is an arrangement between the writer and the editor. As soon as the contract is initialled by both sides, the process for the book's release will be established.

Which information is necessary in the submission? Attempt to submit a full script. Include a confirmation, a foreword or a photo, if available, with the work. Please also provide your mailing and e-mail adress. Please also provide a short detail about the writer. Who should I mail the script to?

To do so, you must submit the case to the Publications Office at the following address: Manager, Publications Office, DC Kizhakemuri Idiam, Good Shepherd St, Kottayam-686001. When is the book scheduled to be published after submission of the script? Usually, it will take a year to publish a book.

Every type of book has timetables and on the base of this timetable the book will be released. In addition, the need and need for a book in the book markets is also taken into account before a book is released. Does the writer have to pay to publish a book? Which rewards will the authors receive after the book is out?

Are the manuscripts given back if publication is refused? The script will not be sent back. A copy of the source script must be submitted. Do you accept the manuscripts sent to other publishing houses? Are the manuscripts that were previously refused taken into account again? No, once it' turned down, the same script will no longer be used.

How many specimens will the writer get after publication? Authors get 5 FREE specimens. Additional specimens are available at a reduced price. How is the process for this? Please submit a copy of a section of the book to be translated together with a copy of the same.

Notification of the drafting committee's ruling will be given within one calendar year. How does it work? I' m creating images for children's magazines and textbooks. You will be notified of the ruling.

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