I want to make my own Book

I' d like to make my own book.

I want to show you a system that will allow you to earn at least a quarter of a million dollars with your book. I just have my little fucking book about my little fucking life. Visit Amazon and search for book bags. Find out how you can publish your own book with cyber companies. You have to make sure people take care of it once you know what it is.

Getting your own book published, becoming popular and earning a lot of cash.

When you are a novelist, a novelist or a publishing house, you must learn..." About $250,000 per year" Dear author/author/publisher, the fact is that very few writers really make a living. I want to show you a system that will allow you to earn at least a quarter of a million dollar with your book.

Would you like to know how to make a boat load of cash while publishing your own book.... then you've come to the right place. Read on if you already have a book. At the beginning of the meeting I walked through the room and asked who in the group already had a book that was released.

They' re all edited by a major New York publisher. Then she told us about her full-time work. She still had to do a full-time work with 3 "successful" titles on the open bookstore. But.... it happens all the same!

When you are considering to write and/or publish a book..... Do not make a big error and go down the "traditional" path of the publisher. Might as well not stop to read if someone else has already released your book, you can still make some RIGHTEOUS moneys with the system I suggest you do. Just go with the system I suggest and you do twice or three times what most writers do.

Only one in 10,000 authors makes serious bucks with his book. Big bucks are earned with the so-called "backend". They can live a good life. You' re not gonna make the kind of cash you' re supposed to be. You' re simply not going to have the added "momentum" to load up your merchandising engine.

To succeed, you must take those that are already succeeding and copy them. Selling your book directly to someone, you will enter their name. Their book is your front-end production. If that'?s all you're selling, you won't be making any serious moneys.

Whenever I tell someone who doesn't get my system, they go crazy that the sole aim of your book is to gather people's e-mail adresses. You will earn 20 - 30% more if you get my system right for your customers. Have you got an editorial concept in your head?

Perhaps an almost writen book? When you want to make more profit and have more book controls, you need to know about a system that helps you do just that. Knowing how to make serious cash in the publisher industry is not the end of the game.

Already have a book? The system has proved itself for writers who already own a book. Here is what you are learning in my self-publishing for max profits system: Do you need to employ a book covers artist? Bookshows: It' a worthwhile undertaking or not? "Far beyond the scope of self-publishing, this system is a design and businessplan for the successful commercialization of a project or services.

" "I' ve been to other Fred Gleeck classes, but this has gone down really well. Now I can turn an ingenuity into a saleable commodity without spending my own resources and resources on pointless advertising. "Joanne Black, Medical Marketingbroker, " 101 Ways to Mark your Home based Billing Business" "On a 1 - 10 range your workshop was definitely a 10!

" "With an abundance of information to guide the beginner and the pro, the workshop was perfectly equipped to use a book as a brand. IÃ' ¹d advise anyone with brains to get this book out of their system and put it on the market. "FredÃ'¹s self-publishing course creates, encourages and stimulates the thrill of just going out and doing it.

"I said, "Eat whatever you want! You can stop if you want. I think Fred Gleeck is awesome. With Fred Gleeck, one of our days is one on the way to our goal. "FredÃ'¹s 1 full days How to Self Publish course was highly motivational and instructive, Fred has a plethora of information and provides it with clearness and humour, making the whole event not only interesting but also funny.

Every year, when IÃ' ve invests in one of FredÃ'Â'¹â??s workshops, there is an enormous yield. "Sketch book! They understand that market niches to increase profits and how to make that happen is very impressing..... easy and deep. Perhaps your greatest asset is your readiness to offer your egos for intelligent planning.

At this point this information is almost like a news from above...... "Benita Beckles, publisher and writer, "You must buy Fred's book. "The Fred Gleeck product is a way to succeed in your shop and your world. I' m happy to be able to learn from the best. "Fred Gleeck's understanding of online advertising and his capacity to educate it is unprecedented!

" "Many great, useful suggestions in a little while - very informative. "All flesh, special advice, all in handbills documents, with results from practice illustrates and supplied with convincemen! Well, Fred is dull and convenient, so get set when you listen to him. "Fred Gleeck is astonishing.

It knows everything - and can help you to use everything - in your website and in cybermarketing. "There is one concept per second - great information on the market and technology guides. And Fred just passes it on. "I can use the contents and ressources provided to me to earn cash around the clock through your game.

Now I know what I have to do to make this work and I can't hardly look forward to putting this information into practice. Explore a comprehensive merchandising programme that gives you the necessary tool to start your business immediately. It is a must for everyone who wants to take their advertising campaigns to the next stage.

" Who' s Fred Gleeck? I' m Fred Gleeck, and I made over $2,163,000. I' ve trained hundreds of people like you to make serious bucks. Have I got any particular abilities YOU can't acquire? and you can make as much or more than I have.

Considering the costs of my case, I really sum when you buy this commodity. You can earn my profit by becoming a customer of mine for many of my other goods and more. 100 percent No B.S., No Questions Asked, This is the absolute, positive best information you can find on the subject of self-publication.

There are three great self-publication titles, I think. First of all, there is the "Self-Publishing Manual" by Dan Poynter. "Dan is the uncontested "king" of self-publishing. He' a great bloke and he' s wrote a great book. His second book is John Kremer's 1001 Ways to Mark Your Book.

Its book is the ultimate guideline for the marketing of your companions. There' s a lot of information in his book that you can use to increase the sale of your book manyfold. I own the third book. "Publish for Maximum Profit" gives you a system with which you can earn a boat load of moneys.

You don't want to make a fortune, don't read my book. If you are a character whose main purpose is "to rescue the planet", why don't you just find out how you can earn a whole bunch of cash so you can WAY it! You' re learning my system and you' re going to be passing on your precious messages to a whole new group.

This is a system that is sure to help you make an unconditional fortune. What do you want? If you' re not satisfied with this information for the remainder of my lifetime, I'm asking you to return it. It is the most powerful warranty that anyone selling in the publishers' world has. Your most precious reward is a 30-minute telephone call with me.

I' m asking $375 an hours for my own classes. So, this is a $187.50 rebate. You' re given 30 of my free to use it the way you want. This is the most precious of bonuses because we can talk about your specific circumstances and opportunities. It' your own free moment.

Compliment #2: Get 50% off all my courses and boot camps. If you use this rebate to participate in one of my boot camps, it is a $97 or more, but could be over $500. It is a great value added as participants rate my courses and boot camps at 9.6 on a 1 to 10 ratio.

This seminar is a good way to help you achieve mega-profitability in your publisher work. Bonuses #3: You will receive a copy of my book in German language: Here is what Roger Dawson, the well-known writer and negotiator, had to say about this book: "He is a champion in the sale of products off the rig.

He/she will share all his/her mysteries in this extensive book. It' s a loudspeaker that wants to make more cash in the back of the room. This is the electronical copy of my book (when it's finished): "Self- Publishing for Maximum Profit" 50% discount on all my courses and/or boot camps of the online book:

I' ll let you know by e-mail anytime when I get a great little hint you should know about. The purpose of these hints is to help you do one thing and only one thing - earn more moneys. In this business, things are moving so fast, I want to give you the latest marketing-idea coming to my desktop.

It is not supplied in a certain period of timeframe, but whenever I find a new notion.

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