I want to make a Book

I' d like to make a book

You have months - scratch that - of digital photos waiting to be enjoyed in print for years. Select the ones you want to use for the album. You wanna play publisher for a day? Be a book cover illustrator for this creative and entertaining project. Do the cookbook you want.

I' d like to make a perfectly hardcover book.

View our demonstration videos and/or the following proposals! If you can't see the YouTube reader, click HERE.) The bookbinding processing time can take up to 24hrs, so schedule in advance! Once you have a book hardcover and cut, you will have a better grasp of how the book will work, how your final work will look, and how you can do the best work within the limits of that work.

There is a minimal number of pages for adhesive book bindings between 8 and 12, anything but, and it conquers the goal of adhesive bond. Approximately 2 inch thick is the max. bond thicknesses. Build and produce your book (make sure you add trims to your inner and envelope styles because your book needs cropping after it has been tied, or be careful with items that are near the edges of your pages and envelope that may get cropped or circumcised too tightly during the book wrapping proces.

It' s a good idea to start by printing a model of your entire book on SB monochrome printer so you can see how all the items match, proof-read and make sure things generally look right. Please keep in mind to put bleed and/or fold traces on your inside pages and/or your envelop!

Also, if your inside pages and envelope are both centred on the page, if this is not possible, you will want to align at least the top of your inside pages and your envelope.

NEVER cut any of your insides; it is recommended to cut AFTER the book has been tied, unless there is a particular need to do so beforehand. Please check the width of the inside pages to see how thick the back of your book will be (Note: We DO NOT test for you).

When your envelope designs use a specific back or styling item, adapt your back and envelope designs to the width you have just taken. Printout your last artwork. Check the gap between the front back fold and the outside of the piece ofaper.

Put all your book material into the SB - inclusive your mass. Tying can take up to 30 min, but can take up to 24 hrs at peak time.

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