I want to be an Author

Become an author

You' ve got to learn the laws of this crazy country. But the most irritating of all is that everyone thinks I want to become a teacher when I tell them about my major. Hi, I like your blog. Your letter must appeal to an agent, editor and reader. All authors do not work or want to be writers, poets or authors.

Clues to becoming an author

To become an English majority was one of the simplest and most evident choices I've made in my time. All about the box just shouts my name, from the Shakespeare sonnet to the correction of grammatical errors, I like everything. But the most annoying of all is that everyone thinks I want to be a schoolteacher when I tell them about my main subject.

Now there is quite nothing wrong with being a schoolteacher, yet everyone accepts that that is the only thing an English major can do after College. That is definitely not it and the way I want to go after graduation is to become an author. Whenever I have a free minute, you can find me somewhere with a work.

There is a point to every tale and once I have started something, it is not possible to get away from the outside realm in which the script surrounds me. For me it has always been so evident that I want to make my own universe and sharing it with others as it has happened to me.

During the whole lifetime everyone has someone whom he also looks upwards. Be it film celebrities, vocalists or professionals, everyone has his "person" that he wants to be. I have always had writers as my role models. J.K. Rowling is my first selection since I opened the first Harry Potter volume years ago.

I was admiring the whole thing then. And now I adore both the history and the way I write. Although I know that it is almost not possible to reach her literacy levels, I strive to be as inspiring as she has been for me. Other people who have formed the character I am becoming are Chuck Palahniuk and Margaret Atwood (Thank you Mrs Jaquish and Mrs Dye for presenting me their letter).

Those two have altered the way I see it. A lot of other authors have affected my career and I can only hopefully shake between the words in their bright worlds. Those things in connection with my passion for letters make it difficult for me to think of doing anything else with my Iife.

To become an author is definitely my fantasy and I know that it will be a hard way, but I am willing to take the risks. There are so many warnings about the opportunity of failing and I am smiling polite and reminding them that there is a danger of it all.

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