I want to be a Writer but

I'd like to be a writer, but

I have many opportunities to become a writer, and although my path has worked for me, you may prefer a different path. Now you can take over this part or leave it. Anything you want. It'?s probably not lucrative.

They may not pay your mortgage.

Three-Rasons Why You'll Never Be the Writer of This Guide

You' re here. You still haven't finished your work. Over the years, in all my discussions and coachings with authors, I have learnt that there are three major causes why so many authors never finish or perhaps even start their work. I' m currently working on my fifth volume. I' m so proud of the work that went into this work - the real thing, the hundrets of stories I've been reading, the five month I just thought about it before I wrote it.

When I' m done, I have three years to formulate this mess. I' ll let you end your work. Here they are - the three big motivations why every author fights to begin or end a work. You are a writer or an up-and-coming writer? You want to be a writer, you have to call yourself one first.

He said: "Those who say they want to be authors and they are not, do not. So if you want to be a writer, say it out loud. Or, take it down on paper. We have so many things to consider that it is simple to ignore our letter or postpone it for "a better time".

" that a better world will never come. It was my committed desk drawer and I was looking forward to it all weekend. It was the same thing every weeks - I spent so much preparation that when I still had 15 min on the watch, I hadn't even said a thing.

Desperately and desperately to show something for my committed typing effort, I would waste the last 15 min. running 1000 words, and I would look up breathlessly just as my woman walked through the doormat. "How did the paper go?" she asked. Took me several instances to realize that the point of my work was not so much to have enough free space as I thought.

There' s no more writing to do. All you need is to make the most of the times you have. It is ironic, of course, that when we use the free moment we have, we are often flooded with too many new impulses to respond. Research for my latest novel has taken me into the bunny pit of trying to understand the diversion to be one of our greatest presents as a writer.

There is a point at which we need to be able to put this power into our letter and actually put something on the record. It' always been the case that one of the greatest challenge for any writer is that he lacks concentration and that, if we can get over it, we are almost there.

What can a writer do in the face of these three great missions? Anxiety, a shortage of concentration and limited amount of free space will probably never completely vanish, but what should we do in the meantime? Do you have a way to break the cycle of self-assured, focussed and prolific typing? Do you want to combat anxiety, shortage of concentration and limited speaking skills?

You want to make sure you make that script this year? I would like you to join me and my colleague Tim Grahl when we tell you exactly what you need to do to become a writer. He may be the name of the man who is the first 1000 copies of your work. He is the professional behind the bestsellers of writers like Daniel Pink, Hugh Howey and over 100 others.

He is also one of the most organised and discipline authors I know. We' ve developed it to offer you exactly what you've been asking us to do for years, and we can't expect your writer careers to drag on. With what is your greatest worry about typing?

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