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I' d like to be a screenwriter

Screwriting is not a wise career path if you choose it for one of these reasons: They want to combine magic with words. that goes with a celebrated artist. They have a strong visual sense. So if your dream is to become a Hollywood screenwriter, here are a few tips on how to write movies and sell your script.

Do you want to be a screenwriter? Out of LA.

but he still knows how to take fun and rewarding pictures." He is the iconic and notorious scriptwriter whose works have earned more than a billion dollars in ticketing revenues. It was not uncommon at the times of his Basic Instinct, Sliver and Show Girls that Eszterhas was assaulted as "the devil" and even "the most disparaged man in America".

" His films were bold and unmoved. The once infamous enthusiast's life-threatening fight against laryngeal carcinoma resulted in his abandoning his excess and rediscovering the belief in his own Catholicism as a child, a trip he recorded in two celebrated memorabilia, Hollywood Animal (2003) and Crossbearer (2008). In 2006 he published his novel The Devil's Guide to Hollywood:

is considered an indispensable (and fundamental) guideline for navigation in the film world. Be with Eszterhas for a few moments, and the man whose screenplay made Sharon Stone an sexy super star seems to be a faraway recollection. Eszterhas lookout is also the heart of America: nine years ago he grabbed his woman and her four children and relocated from Point Dume in Malibu to suburb Cleveland, Ohio, where he seeks a mind that is not available in the film city.

Now, 65, Eszterhas was interviewee in his suitcase at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel during a trip to Los Angeles. Shortly after and on the evening before the Oscars it becomes clear that Joe Eszterhas does not need Hollywood. Hollywood may need Joe Eszterhas. Devil's Guide to Hollywood is devoted to your woman Naomi and also to a man named Jeno Mate.

This Oscar address looks unlikely, so I devoted the script to him. That giant, hirsute, barrel-shaped man came to the front porch looking very gypsy and shouted: "What do you want? You want some cash?! "My dad said, "No, I just want to thank you, sire. but I think he was a great performer.

and he' s probably my favourite one. but in 1966 I won the National Writing Competition funded by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. I became a journalist because of this achievement. Where did Hollywood come from for magazine writing? Random House writers were reading some of my tales and proposed that I should publish a work.

He has been short-listed for a National Books Award, and a head of the recording studios was reading it and contacting me. And he said: I find this very filmic. Are you interested in scriptwriting? "So, I ended up with an F.I.S.T., which was about the labour movements, and I just kept composing screens.

Luckily I saw films, and I even got to the point where I could sell script in a studio. You have a footage in your memoirs, Hollywood Animal, of Sean Penn warning you not to start a home here. I had to go to Malibu because he wanted me to adopt Charles Bukowski's The Knockout Artist.

I' ve always said in jest that I didn't want my children to become surfer, and there is a certain fact in this message. It' almost not possible to lead a regular existence here, because everybody wants to lick the sugary titties of the filmindustrie. So, is it really the case that everyone in Los Angeles has a screenplay they want made?

You all want to be scriptwriters. I traveled here for get-togethers before I came to LA, and I quit talking to folks about what I was doing because they came back to my motel with screenplays. I' d be in line and they' d ask me how they could get an asset.

At home in Ohio they say to me: "You shouldn't have gone out there in the first place. They often wrote about Zsa Zsa Gabor. She was essentially that big, larger-than-life character, so I made her a Yoda character, a guuru, in my work. "I' m making you into my books is Valentine's Day for her.

Don't let yourself get entangled in other pictures. The most screenwriters concentrate on watching other pictures. Instead, get to know genuine human beings. It is a great land, and there really are places outside California, New York and Massachusetts. Now, the dialog in many pictures really doesn't mirror the way Ohio, Minnesota, Texas and Kentucky do.

They once gave you $4 million for just drafting a film. If you' re not in the film industry, tell them how to get a work like this. I' d just written Basic Instinct, that was the 1992 smash hits. If you have such a big win with a film, Hollywood spins on you.

Yeah, but it wasn't the design or the screenplay I ended up writing. There was a movie producer named Mike Figgis who rewrote the screenplay so that I only had one last part. And I said to the studios, New Line Pictures, "This is not my screenplay. "They said, "Oh, for God's sakes, don't do this.

before he comes out. I' m not going to criticise the film, but I' m not giving back any of the cash, thank you very much. "So, what was the film? Authors are constantly rewritten, but screenplays that are sold for $4 million are usually not rewritten entirely by a filmmaker who comes in and says: "I'll do a polishing.

" It is interesting that the film was a catastrophe. You really are the first scriptwriter to succeed with a screenplay based exclusively on speculations. Actually, Bill Goldman was selling Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid as a screenplay, and that was in 1969. Which was your first specific achievement? Then we sent it to my agents, Guy McElwaine, and he said: Don't say anything until you get it!

So why do we have to persuade them that we are going to do something good? and not sit down and do it? "He said he didn't want us to do it again, that the screenplay was hard to get sold and that it would damage our reputation.

However, Guy took the screenplay out and sells it to Warner Brothers for $500,000, who shared it with Jim and me. This became the trademark of Joe Eszterhas genre. You know, I can just start a screenplay like a kind of rocket and see where it leads. "but Hollywood was surprised by the hit.

Are the top folks here ever going to get the word that there is a movie fair about religion? There was never any regard for God in Hollywood today. Older Hollywood had films like The Song of Bernadette and The Greatest Story Ever Toold.

This film was bright and strong - and it was not anti-Semitic. I' ve devoted a good part of my lives to combat. I think it's a terrible drama what Mel Gibson said in this drunk driver accident because he kind of murdered his own film. Could speaking about belief violate the Hollywood world?

Stephen Baldwin, who says something about his beliefs, could really upset him. You wrote about Robert Evans in your textbooks, the former Paramount manager who wrote your screenplay Sliver in 1993. "I' ve been helping him writing his talk about the Kafkaesque, which quite honestly brought him into play," Evans said. You criticized President Clinton, whose choice you once considered the victory of your own people, in your 2000 American Rhapsody.

I have a big deal with Clinton. He has been lying to the Americans. His actions violate the fundamental trust we have in the President of the United States. So how did this screenplay come about? The Terminator film producer Andy Vajna came to me and asked: "Are you interested in working on the Hungarian Revolution?

How did you write the screenplay? So I went to Hungary, interview the guys who were part of the revolution and on the ball club, and then I came back and texted it. During the filming, Andy liked the screenplay and shot it with a young female filmmaker called Krisztina Goda. and rehearsal for a lead role:

Reagan in The Hollywood Wars. We' d like to know what you think of this product.

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