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The" I Want" song trope as it is used in popular culture. "Strange, people who accept a song with an explicit wish are "I Want."

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The composer Stephen Schwartz describes the idea behind Pocahonta's 1995 Disney film: "I Want " song comes early in the first act, with one or more of the protagonists who sing about the most important motivational wish that will drive everyone (including the audience) through the rest of the show.

Many of these lieder contain the words "I want", "I wish" or "I've got to". Classical samples are My Fair Lady's "Wouldn't It Be Loverly", Carnival's "Mira", The Song of Music's "I Have Confidence",'The Wizard and I" from "Wicked" and "King of Broadway" in The Producers[3] A recent example is "My Shot", the third number in Hamilton:

I Want " also records tracks that have a lifetime beyond the musical world in which they were played: I' m not surprised that "I Want" tracks are among the most frequently performed ones - they are often a bit more upliftable than other tracks in the show (i.e. they make a lot of sound outside the show ) and give the vocalist something to play.

Classically, the task of an "I Want" song is not to advance the plot, but to awaken the main character's wish to advance the plot for the remainder of the show. Retracted 2016-05-17. "I wanna write songs" for musicals." Accessed May 31, 2014.

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