I Wanna Write a Song

⪠I Wanna Write a Song âª

Begin with a working title. So, you want to write a song? I' ve been composing since I was young, and yet I think it's a real challange to write good qualitiy and genuine texts. Lyric and musical composition are two different things. If you make it, you have something to rest on.

Just put them in a certain order, stir them a little, rip them apart, put in your own note and you' ve got voilamusic in the wind.

It' a little more complicated to write texts because you have to begin from the bottom up, so we'll help you a little. Get a pen & a sheet of pen and let us make a work of work. - Where do I begin? Am I starting with texts, soundtracks, or both at the same time?

All of them give the song a completely different feel. I sometimes like to begin with the text first. When you have an important storyline to tell, you will have more liberty and you don't have to adapt it to the sound. When you first begin with the sound, you can let your fantasy run free and try out all kinds of accords, changes of accord and beats.

Then adjust the text to the sound. Last but not least, you can perform texts that you make up while at the same tinkering and merging chords. Well, I think they're all great ways to write a song. Select something you want to write about.

Begin with a working name. You may want to modify the song as it evolves or after you finish it. Describe something that has occurred to you or someone you' re closely connected to. Describe something great, melancholy, cold, authentic, drama, cheerful. You can write about it. Perhaps you'll go out and make a tale about a man who's coming by.

If you have a working name, ask yourself a question about the topic or the individual you want to report on. When you ask a question, you are creating an action for it. Attempt to insert a text in your text. Don't give up the whole thing in the first stanza. Evolve the history little by little.

Which kind of work do you like? Studying their texts and musicians. How does their song texture look like? About what do they write? There are nine out of ten tracks that use a default song tree. The song tree contains some or all of the following elements: Intro, stanza, pre-chorus, choir, bridging, overro.

These are some song structures: Intro, Vers, Choir, Vers, Choir, Bridges, Chorus, Upro. Intro, stanza, pre-chorus, choir, stanza, pre-chorus, choir, bridging, choir, choir, choir. Intro, stanza, pre-chorus, choir, pre-chorus, choir, orchestra, choir, bridge, choir, choir. Vers, verses, chorus, refrain, verses, chorus, jumper, refrain. When you want to be really inventive, try something completely different.

Attach to the song tree. This can be really chilly, but be cautious, you need some kind of texture or folks will find it hard to keep up. You just have a seat and get started on your work. Now, back to your desk. Build your own chord and shape. This also applies to the texts.

When a big line appears in your mind, write it down. You want to write a song, you need a catch. Hooks are recurring phrases, melodies, licks or riffs in a song that appeal to the musician. You' ll also need a tune to the words.

Practise, learning, challenging yourself, taking a rest, trying again, writing in different places, feeling, exploring, being persevering, trying again.

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