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When you are at this stage, I suggest that you try to put this idea into concrete terms. I still have something inside me that is excited when people ask what I do for a living and I can tell them that I am a writer. Write can be whatever you want. I' m not a great writer, but I write a lot and I'm an introvert. It' just graffiti with punctuation marks.

Writers and Wanna-Bes - the difference

Everybody's got a ledger inside them - you and I-including. But the more I speak to would-be writers, the more I notice that few of them actually do. They have many pretexts to prevent being able to compose the script they want to do: the one day: Refusal in a warranty in the typing community.

Rather than let free flowing imaginative fluids, we are approaching letter with pretexts, alternative for our finite period of speaking about it. I think we should use that period of inactivity to actually work. There are also authors who are active in working on a play that they may or may not publish. There are would-be authors who fill their times with other things, who let anxiety determine their life and never let their thoughts go.

Wherever male and female vocalists are singing and dancing, creative people should be creating and authors should not just be talking about it. Why can't you do it? At least that'?s what authors do.

Do you want to be a novelist? You do what you want.

Though all I knew about the art of typing was the imagination that I had boiled in my mind of the kind of person I wanted to be as a novelist one time, I have already praised this news that would flow into all my work over the years: There''s no right way to be a novelist.

Authors use skilled and ethically sound practices to increase their audience and make tremendous gains. In one attempt after another for about three years I found a completely adverse relationship between the increase in my "online business" and my contentment with my own lives and my work as a novelist.

Authors' identities are as individual, diverse, subjective and ambiguous as the tags we use to relate to things like sex and the Spirit. Nobody two has the same opinion of me when they are told that I am a novelist and no other author means what I mean when they are identifying with the name.

We could try to use the marker in an area where we haven't acquired it - naming a literate among New York Times best selling authors doesn't go over as well as it does when I call myself a literate among other e-book literate. If I were a novelist among experienced freelance journalist, I could make a lot of money on myself; among six-figure freelance professionals it could evoke a little compassion.

This is the liberty to be something as liquid and diverse as "a writer"; one can decide when it is about to accept the name. For each new author I see, I ask: "What will you remove from your mailing lists this year?

" I' m getting the responses you are expecting - publishing a novel, starting a blogs, writing my first novel, winning a competition - but also so many that I would never consider them: But everyone who joins this fellowship has at least identified himself as a novelist.

If these authors join the Writer's Bucket List Fellowship, we make no pledge of supporters or funding - but over the years I've been trapped trying. We only need a fellowship in which they have the feeling of a novelist. And we are those who have daily work, family, welfare and other responsibilities that sometimes ridicule us when we consider ourselves "writers".

We jump in the morning, evening, noon and afternoon on-line to unite with other creatives and to live in a universe where we have the right to call ourselves authors. Any time I am in the pitfall of trying to sale goods, brokerage service or idea to these framers that the types of hit, revenue or impact other professionals can pledge, I lose.

I' m an audiences of authors only. In the end, we all just want to be written and welcome to this fellowship where folks don't think we're weird. This fellowship is the only so-called ministry I can actually offer to the reader because I am one of them. Most of my young life I have been worried that I have not deserved the status of "writer" because I do not really afford to buy my food from the trade.

I am not embarrassed to tell authors and acquaintances with profitable business on line that I do not make a livelihood from the sale of my goods and service. I am not embarrassed to tell my profession, my home or my community that I am a novelist. I' m a novelist - and that's what I want.

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