I need to Write a Book

I' ve got to write a book.

but what kind of absurd question is that? No interruptions because I don't allow them. There are no beeps, no no notifications and nothing to check. Then why did you put it off for so long? Her colleagues have written books.

Must I be a celebrity to make a novel?

It is not glory that you have to writ, but trust and a great flow of fantasy that flows in your skull. Since my schooldays I have been composing shorts and poetry... and I am not yet confronted with a hurdle that challenges me to become well known. But, yes, if you want to be payed for what you type, begin to publish it in papers and journals.

It takes you 30 minutes a days to finish a book.

Now all you need is to defy control. There' ll be no interruption because I won't allow it. There are no beeping tones, no no alerts and nothing to verify. I' m upset. While I' m writing this, I realize that I have forgotten to unwrap yesterday's sandbags, and I'm trying to take charge of this "priority".

I' m sure it's not the last diversion that comes to my head and that I have to oppose to finish my 30-minute typing spin. I' m trying to run the stopwatch. I' m not. A lot of authors are waiting for continuous periods of written work. You think they need half a full working days to learn to write, four lessons is a magical number I've had.

How can we be sure that our four lessons will be a success? How often can we allow ourselves to spend four lessons a day on paper? A few months ago I made a contribution in which I emphasised how important it is to use the free space we have to work. On the back of the mobile telephone, on the back of the journal, type in a notepad.

and I' m trying to water myself a little. I' m trying to get the number of words. We review our statistics, checking e-mails that respond immediately to anything that is considered important. I' ll wager his lodgers didn't send any e-mails when it happened. In emergencies, you act, you don't talk about them.

500 words in 30 mins. That is if you do not examine and oppose what seems pressing. While not every single days will be a succesful typing experience, your everyday habits will lengthen your craft. Stage is part of the construction of your creativeness, habits and letter.

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