I need a Story Idea

I' m gonna need a story idea

You sit in front of an empty page, dive into your source of inspiration and come out with nothing. I' ve got many ideas that I would like to expand into different stories. I have this one big thing I want to do. You like this page? It' going to drive the novel forward and help you create the plot for the story.

Do you need story ideas? The 5-step process works every time

Mostly the mouldy remnants of an idea you had in class seven. He opened my eye to what a good story idea looks like and how to easily create story suggestions. It is a five-element idea creator that never lets you down. You can' t make a story without a character.

It could be a seat (I have written one like it!), but it has to be there. When you don't have a certain idea for a personality, invent it at random. More interesting combination results in wealthier storylines, so remember, when you fill in your character's backgrounds. You have to have some wishes in your personality.

This can be an energetic wish, like a run or a promotions. This can be a less proactive wish, such as the wish to be serene. However, it must be a unique, achievable wish that will move your personality in your story. Can' you imagine any good wishes?

Reread your character's backgrounds, try to get into that person's footwear and remember what you would have wanted in their place. You wouldn't have a story if your personality wanted something and had it right away, would you? The next crucial item is the road block that gets in the way of your characters.

However it is, make sure the opposition is consistent with the characters. When you have a tough personality, you need a tough barrier to get in its way - otherwise the readers won't be sure that the fight is true and doomed. Orson Scott Card said on this screen that with these three items, you have a sound story idea that can be evolved into any medium and any length.

One story is about the voyage of characters, and this voyage is about transformation. As the story progresses, you'll have more freedom to redesign your characters. A story's attitudes are more than a background. It' often a personality in itself.

Select an interesting setting that really challenges your protagonists or highlights their trip. If your heroine is on a voyage of inner and external harmony, why not draw her story against the setting of conflict, civil disturbance or upheaval? Personality, lust, resistance, changes and attitudes. Select them intentionally or randomise them entirely - either way, you're sure to get some interesting story suggestions.

Indeed, if you need help with random generation, try this Story Idea Generator. Now come up with some good thoughts and start writing!

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