I like to Write what can I do

I' m happy to write what I can do.

Seventeen ways to think like a writer every day As soon as we have freed ourselves from this possession, there are many ways to think like a novelist. The most important thing to really see is to learn to describe what is there, not what you think, what is there. Also use your other senses - hearing, tasting, touching, smelling.

Just think, you film a sequence and go through it with all these sentiments. See how they keep and move things and humans. Lists To Persons - This will help you as you get used to dialogues. Are her words consistent with her deeds? So what are they really trying to say - or not?

Are they listening to other human beings? Let's not get into the tiresome stuff. Querying People's Actions - Why do humans act the way they do? So what are their true purposes? When you begin to look at someone like them, it will be much simpler for you to do it when you are creating a character, especially antagonist.

Which are the passion for riding? - Besides adoring humans, everyone just has a thing. Discover what it is and think about how it is shaping your life. Which are the greatest anxieties of man? We' re all afraid of loosing someone or something that happens to those we like. Introduce scenes through different vantage points - watch a sequence as you walk through the night.

Well, then look around and picture other folks seeing what you see. You ask what if? Have a look around and ask what humans would do if.... Think of any number of interesting scenes and turn them to different humans and different circumstances. Think of it as if you were taking it down.

Finding possible tracks everywhere - If you see an interesting phrase or an uncommon name for a street, type it down. Looking For Heroes - Keep in mind that everyone you encounter is the hero of their own history. So what are their histories? So what are their objectives? And if you liked this article, please do so: please click here:

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