I like to Write Stories

Though I like to write stories.

Be inspired by reading short stories. When you want to master the short story, you should read as many short stories as possible. Read both the classics and contemporary masters and use the writing of others to inspire you to write your own short stories. It' coming out of me somehow. He says: "Stories are found things, like fossils in the earth.

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I' ve had trouble understanding, composing and above all studying numbers. It was embarrassing to have to reread aloud, these long unpleasant breaks between the individual syllables, when I tried in desperation to recollect what tone went with each curlicue on the side. In the middle of the year, Mrs Carpenter asked me to go and study.

I was staring at the side this side, and magick came. Once again the instructor shouted my name and asked me to talk with him. I' ve been reading the first phrase. I' ve been reading the next phrase. I' ve got a badge and I'm reading as soon as possible. Finally, I tried to write. Brief Stories.

Magick was reversed and translated into words. It was intoxicating, even habit-forming, but also annoying. My stories were blurred Monets instead of crunchy Rembrandt's. It was the beginning of my workshop and I learnt that the art of typing is a skill that can be masters. Now I visit every year workshop, visit criticism groups every months and write something every fortnight.

Every play evokes the same kind of magical spirit that unleashed the spirit of a seven-year-old kid more than half a hundred years ago. Magical. That'?s why I write. I write even though I'm afraid. Most horrible thing I've ever seen is Daniel Keyes' Flower for Algernon. Someday through strokes, Alzheimer's or accidents, your spells could go.

I then look at the flourishes on one side and recall that they were once a little more. I' ll never stop typing until that happens.

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