I just want to be a Writer

All I want is to be a writer.

Take a look at the life of a freelance ghostwriter and editor. Attending an authoring conference is the right way to learn about writing and publishing. All I want to do is write. It doesn't matter to me how many followers I have. When you love it and want to write it, wire your trap and write it.


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And I Don't Want to Buildup, I don't Want to Blogging Empire, I just want to wrinkle.

All I want to do is type. All I want to do is type. Of course I want my letter to get through to everyone, and it requires some efforts on my part to do so, but I am glad when 20 of my readers do. What if 200 folks are reading it?! After all, I don't want to waste my precious resources on designing my website or my design, and I don't take any notice of hostings and ccTLists.

I' ve posted some adverts on my website a few month ago because a blogs net to which I am part of provided the information and it didn't take any work. All I want to do is type. I' m working on other web sites to get a new, different public and test myself and let my voices be listened to.

but when I do, I want it to be about something I have written. There is no promotional or sponsoring option that doesn't match the vote on this blogs. I' m just trying to be a writer; I don't want to give my spirit away for klicks and favors and I have some 900 instagram follower that make me look like a changing infomeral.

This is not the kind of blogs that it is. Do not use a blogs scheduler or write prompt to give me suggestions. I' ve got Google Analytics so I can see how many persons are on my website every single working days, but I don't do anything with this information. I' m playing around in it to try to make my reader understand: where do my reader come from, what contributions get the most traction, but I don't make any optimisations or changes to my website or letter because it.

All I want to do is type. There is no such thing as a Niches blogs and I find it difficult to tell them what my blogs are about. No, I'm just writing. Everything that comes into my mind where I immediately get this feeling: that which says: "I have to do it.

" I' ve nothing to dispose of. I hope you can identify with something I've written. Maybe my letter will help you to know and comprehend me better; or even to know and comprehend those who like me better. Hey, maybe you don't even like my blogs or my paper.

I' m a writer. I may not have got it right, or even be a little bossy. All I want to do is type. I' ve written as a kid. It' s the very reason I began this 3+ years ago and the very reason I haven't given up, even if work is mentally ill, is getting alive in the way or I have periods of emotion unwinspired and inactive.

I' m not interested in anything else: I just want to type.

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