I have Written a Book now what

I've written a book now.

The e-book was written by Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva, who has published a dozen books herself - books that have been sold! Be ready to revise and rewrite until it's right. - We didn't have time in the newspaper business to write our things by hand and then type them for the layout artists. I' ve sent it to the representative of the London publishing house. "Dreyfuss said, "No, I've wanted to for years.

I' ve been writing a book, Now What?

So you wrote a work. It'?s difficult to write a volume, so you should be celebrating it. But, of course, the letter is only the first stage in the publication of a work. Every options has its advantages, but whatever you take, here is what to do next: Like James Altucher said, his publisher has changed his textbook from chicken sh*t to chicken somad after fifteen designs.

Last thing you want to do is turn your ledger over to the barbecue. You should promote a novel three years before it's published. Perhaps that's an exaggeration, but it couldn't do any harm. By the time you choose to make your own publication, you are almost on your way there.

Their next step is to create a covers and ePub format, and if you really want to move the boot out, audio/books. I would suggest that you read James Altucher's Publishing 3.0 articles about how he himself posted his Wall Street Journal buyer. You' ll also need an outstanding title picture; don't spare it, because the reader will be judging a title after its jacket.

Cover art for THE DECISION: LIZZIE'S STORY and THE DECISION: JASMINE'S STORY was created by the bright Peter at Bespoke World. When you choose to go the conventional way, you will have to begin looking for an agency - someone to help you selling the work. So, who did the writing?

As an alternative, you should get a copy of the Writers & Artists Yearbook and create a listing of the agencies you want to use. You want to apply from there with a perfectly good covering note. So, what do you think, boys? Do you plan to go the old-fashioned way or are you considering independent publication?

May I use my self-published textbook to connect an agent? ThePensters' authors are ready to help you create your chapters. You can find out more about independent editing, agent search, submission and promotion of yourself and your work on the B2W resources page.

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