I have Written a Book

I've written a book

I ask this question often. That book theme is a little depressing, but I've only recently written a book and write from experience. Alternatively, avoid the problem altogether: Those who have life owe their blessing to the eternal God and Creator. I' ve written a children's book.

Did you write a work?

I wrote two: It was my first novel and an anthology of poems published almost two centuries ago. Composed as a manual of the poet, the volume is the author's excursion into unknown aspects of the mind. My second novel, Surreal City, which I wrote 3 years ago, is a novel about scholarship, paranormality, spirituality and is a thriller:

This is a brief summary from my list of books at Amazon: I have also authored an IEEE research document on science and research on science and business administration; but this is a scholarly topic and not a public work. The DAB was released in 2003 and TN 2013. You can see from the title that they are both in the same topic area, and if you click on the tab pages on their pages, you will find comprehensive extracts for you to read (especially for TN under the "Book Selections" tab pages on the title page).

It was both hard to spell because it required a lot of research for parts of them involved in healthcare and sciences and the awareness that even a small mistake or unintentional bias could be blew up in both cases to disparage the work. The handover to the fake publishing house in 2003 could have meant that it was filled into bottles for years - at a timeframe when it seemed very important to put it into rapid motion.

Self-publication also gave me exposure to relatively inexpensive prints that I could just give to cash holders and those who had to book it but who would have been too skeptical to spend it. I' m sure there are other good references, among them several of Aaron Shepard's own publications and free materials (see *Self Publishing* AARON SHEPARD'S PLUBLISHING PAGE *POD Publish with Lightning Source and CreateSpace, Ebook Publish on Kindle, Online Book Marketing on Amazon, DIY Book Design*), which has over the years assisted several hundred up-and-coming self-edlishers through the above mentioned group!

I' m writing two very different types of textbooks. The majority of the ratings were very good. I have written two volumes on statistic as a teacher (in economics and statistics): The Guilford Publishing House. Practical statistic I' m working on a revised and extended version of my handbook "Angewandte Statistik". From the sale of my practical statistic manual, I am earning (modest) emoluments, certainly not enough to make a livelihood.

Lettering belles lettres is much more enjoyable than just statistical work! I' m in the middle of one! I' m authoring a volume on the economy and asset reallocation. I will present in the text the different positions on tax, minimal wages and prosperity disparities throughout the course of time, how they have influenced societies and how we can improve societies by reducing prosperity disparities.

To write the textbook takes a great deal of research. There is no doubt that the work will be of an intellectual nature. When I' m done with my letter, I'm sure I'll have learnt a great deal more about the economy, the US story and many other things. But I also want the volume to have a wide coverage.

I' ve actually authored a volume. Giles and the Demon are available at Amazon. He' a rather uncomfortable guy whose whole life's been an unending one. I' ve authored eight or nine volumes, but two have been out. Up to now I have two of them and I'm working on more.

I have written my first volume of poems, synonymous with psychosis. Emphasis is placed on the study of psychological diseases and substance misuse and the slogan surrounding them through my poesy. The Torturous Tome, my second volume, is a compilation of ghoulis. I' ve taken care of it for years, and although it has been selling a pathetic amount of them, I'm so lucky that it's even available in the woldwid.

I am currently working on a volume of articles. It' a non-fiction but not exactly a memory album. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever done because it's so important to me - but I'm still into it.

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