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Social thinking and literacy through book chats by Audra Jensen

It was a good intro to the concept of societal thought, and the use of book chat made it possible to bring these thoughts from a hospital and into a schoolroom. The first part of the book contains a good disaggregation of literacy abilities and then describes how pupils with problems of thought can fight with these abilities.

She focuses mainly on patients with a diagnosis of the autistic range, but I thought that much of what she has written in the reader's understanding section of the book could be used for patients with other handicaps. It gives samples of specific pupils to help define different approaches. In the second part of the book, the emphasis was more on how to use literary to give pupils the ability to think socially.

Special book chapters are summarised and book chatt sessions are proposed. Unfortunately, the vast bulk of the proposals are aimed at pupils of primary age. There are some good things for high schools and nothing for high schools. Jensen, for example, proposes issues to use with the pupils in book conversations, but they are in heel.

A more rational use of headlines and subheads to divide information into more digestible parts would facilitate the use of this book as a source of information. I can also see why they refer to the syllabus of societal thought, but I would like more volumes, histories and video that could be found in a community lib.

For me, social thinking makes good business and shows results in hospitals, but the research basis does not exist. An education system looking for evidence-based and research-based best practice does not want to invest in the social thinking syllabus until more study is available. This book is very popular for a book.

It' an eye-catcher for those interested in understanding how to learn about the IEP' s societal thought, for educators looking for IEP' vision of the IEP' s societal behavioral objectives, or for anyone interested in looking at literacy classes through a different perspective.

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