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If you hear your children complain: A lot of you have asked for new cartoons for MakeBeliefsComix.com. A lot of you have asked for new cartoons for MakeBeliefsComix.com. So how about you just mail us your idea for new itineraries?

We would like to see your sketches of the personalities you have made. If you can't paint, you can also submit your writing ideas.) Paint a person you think is lacking in our various people.

Any of the players on our site will be shown in four different ways with different feelings - lucky, upset, furious, anxious - so please send four different emotive editions of each of them. And if things go well and we have your consent, we will consider to add a copy of your personality to our regular line-up.

Please forward PDF' s of your work of art, as well as text, to billz@makebeliefscomix.com, or mailed to::

About what can I write? - guidance note

I mean, you can write about just about anything you want. As a general principle, you should write about anything that someone might find interesting and/or useful to know about a subject. However, the mystery is that the whole wide universe is your own. You can write whatever you want! So what have you always wanted to tell them about your neighbourhood or the city?

So what are the big things about your town that you want other folks to know? What ever you are adding does not have to be missilery and it does not have to be THE final information on a particular subject. Enjoy the job and write as if you were talking to a mate.

The Oakland folk have drawn every neighbourhood! Neighbourhood: If someone has visited you and asked "What is your neighbourhood like?

TheOld Mission Police Station is a one of a kind in San Francisco, whether it has a good name, what is close by, whether there are any places of interest, whether it is different or different from the past, what are the conveniences of the neighbourhood, what does the local population like to do ("everyone goes to this restaurant").

It' a building: As it looks, the present renters, whether or not the visitors like this house, whether or not there is a decent picture, whether the house in the neighbourhood protrudes, whether it is the kind of house where you can see visitors, what other houses you could like if you like it, etc...

Most of the time you may have whatever you think someone else might be interesting about this edifice (a nice property), or if they are interested in this subject, what else they might be interested in, or what it would be useful to know about this subject (something like "There is a chilly patio that you don't need to go through safety to accesss.

They can also write what neighbourhood it is in and how to get there (if it is difficult). What is the municipal budgets like? What is the best way to get in touch with your own people? How to guide can go much further than guided tours....be ingenious! You can write about the whole issue and record specific cases of waste in the parks, criminality, bicycle thievery, transport, joblessness, foreclosure, environmental contamination or anything else.

The easiest way is to document places and ministries provided by certain service organisations, a great way to get going, but you can go much further than just adding essential listing information by incorporating pictures of upcoming activities, posting about the organisation's story, write about the organisation's pivotal characters and their histories, and about the organisation's place in the fellowship (is it a popular organisation? known for an anniversary or some other one-of-a-kind thing).

Allows you to participate in volunteering and the group's story, other groups working on similar topics, and more. Municipality: They can begin to make and continue to make records for them. In addition, urban procedures are often poorly understood and it can be difficult to know who to speak to about a particular topic.

They may record how different actions are adopted, help individuals understand how to become part of different types of policy (when committees meet, with whom the appropriate individuals should speak, which website shows the timetable, how they are chosen to a community body, etc.). It' traditional folklore:

It' traditional folklore: Sharing all your sentiments and points of honor. Tell us about where they were raised and where they went to university. When there are stories or colloquial expressions, write all about them here. They can also write about indigenous customs and character. Provide the inside information that they normally only pass on between a friend and his or her ancestors.

In many cases, the latest news in a newspaper club is described and then quickly lost in the medium. It is your chance to write all about a specific area.

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