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I' m untrained. Yes, I can write.

For many of us, I think it is right to say that 2017 has been a tough year, both on the global scene and in our private life. For me, no mater how much I struggle with depressiveness, no mater how desolate things look, reading a book is a comforting way to deal with tough issues in more remote environments, a curious look at other options... And I wanted to divide some of my favourite stories from last year.

They are all sci-fi or fantasy (because that's what I like most), but within these styles they diversify ferociously, from historic-fictional, with just a dash of witchcraft, gantry fantasies that are just as much literature exploring identities and misuse, a quick homicide secret in outer space, and a set of related shorts that are used and rejected as a devastating criticism of the way super-hero cartoon style overly.

It tends to be reading both young and grown-up literature without much distinction between the two, and I think this listing contains about a 50/50 split and I' m not sure how some of the tracks were market. It is a very plotoriented storyline, and the protagonists, although some are fascinating, never have too much deep.

All in all, however, a very entertaining reading. Quick, but also melancholy, lyric and touching.... A beautiful tale. Continue with novels (I've seen some good ones this year), Martha Wells' new sci-fi adventures are definitely a visit. It is the tale of an AI who, without knowing it, has chopped her "governor" programme to achieve autonomy, a restricted liberty that she uses primarily to view soaps.

However, when the small exploration crew on a distant island, which it is used for protection, encounters odd issues and the signs are fading from the surrounding villages, Murderbot sets off on the road of peril for the humans it unwillingly begins to like.... Fun, cute and full of excitement, I can't look forward to reading more about the unexpectedly charm of Murderbot in forthcoming instalments of this film.

More than two centuries before the beginning of this volume, the US administration became attentive to the "Deep Ones", a small fellowship of humans who, as they grow older, turn into acquatic creatures that migrate into the deep waters to live their millennia. Inspired by vicious rumors and anxiety about their peculiar forces, the regime has herded them together and locked them up in deep sea camp far from their homes, where they were killed one by one due to negligence and force.

Aphra, one of the only two who survived, is reluctant to get involved in an examination of the possible use of sorcery by the Russians. It' been a long year since I saw a novel that's so much fun! What? An historic romping tour of 1800s across the continent, this tale follows Monty, an impenitent villain, his best pal Percy, with whom he is simply desperately in lover and Felicity, his sensitive younger brother, while enjoying his last tastes of liberty on his Grand Tour.

Whilst they deal with their emotions for each other and find their place in a realm that is often very unkind to our personalities (who are quarrelling, multi-racial, handicapped or chronic ly ill and pursuing the false goals for a woman), this tale is finally cute, full of hope and all around delight. It' also a curious tale about a peculiar universe, one with crazy scientist and evil vampires, a bright yellow lunar and never-ending marshlands.

In this sense, it says something that the part of the story that is going on in our part of the story is the most upsetting part. He also says that Seanan McGuire is the only writer to appear twice on this mailing lists. She' s an utter champion of the novel and I' m going to enjoy reading every one of her writers.

It' s not hard to forget that every grown-up was once a kid with their own thoughts and aspirations when you're on the high seas of the grown-up. "I' m sure I've said before how much I admired authenticity in my fanciful stories, having seen so many of them, and this one?

This is a tale on the face of a young lady, Jane, mourning the deaths of her husband and mother, who has accepted an invite to a mistery. There are many ways, opportunities both weird and frightening as Jane tries to better comprehend herself and her place in the game.

It is the only one on the mailing lists that is not the first in a row or a separate one. Instead, she complements a serial that began with Court of Fives about the young sportsman Jesus, although in this novel track and field is scarce. Jes' growing through the two preceding books was a delight to observe, but that fades in relation to this last episode, where we see how she really comes to her right, and at last recognize that she must begin to choose sides and take a stand.

To see the unexpected parts her whole familiy played in the insurrection was also one of my favourite parts in this volume, and it felt very appropriate, because to do such great things as familiy, allegiance and the right thing. Altogether a very good finish to a very good set, and as always I can't await what Kate Elliott brings out next.

Honourable Mention, also known as the loved one, which has been released in the past years and which I liked to re-read last year: Ile Rien case by Martha Wells, The Ravenzyklus by Maggie Stepfather, The Spiritwalker Tricology by Kate Elliott.

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