I am trying to Write a Book

I'm trying to write a book.

Simply try to find someone who can give you honest feedback early on to make sure you're going in the right direction. I am confident that you will find something here that can change the game for you. Sitting down, I tried to write the first scene of my story. I'm writing a book myself right now and I'm super excited. and I felt like a failure.

So why am I doing a little script?

The last time I made an inscription ( "Who will be able to open my book?") it was caused by fear but fueled by it. There was an sincere look at myself and what I was trying to do (Project: Writing the book), and the reactions were astonishing. When I was proofreading them and in the number of folks who actually literate (yes, I know I'm a little man who''motivated by little things), I realised that while the fear I still feel is an important thing for me to speak about (as many authors, whether they like it or not, seem to feel the same), I failed to speak about why.

I don't know why I want to publish a novel. I' ve got a tale to tell. That'?s a good one. This is a tale that folks (some folks anyway. Maybe one man? One man?) want to part. You' re gonna call it a great reading. It' ll make them want to know more. I' möchte, dass die Leute es lesen (und beenden) und sagen/shout/txt/email/submit a Goodreads Review "I couldn't put this could't put down and I want more !

Although it says, "Well, he is not Neil Gaiman," my name (or a phrase replacing my name) will have been pronounced in the same sentence as that of Neil Gaiman. Maybe that's vanity and unrealism, but I think the authors have to be connected like that to be successful.

There is little chance of being publicised and widely publicised (at least widely read) these few are. You are kindly requested to take the same note of the above-mentioned joint account with Neil Gaiman. Wherever your best-selling NYT books (whether or not they were written) reached the bestseller lists, selling million books and introducing you to the undying lines of writers you are reading and admiring.

That'?s why they' re reading it. We are inspired, educated, entertained, frightened or amazed by the tales they have made. I am at a point in my whole lifetime where I am trying to figure out what is important and what the next few years will look like and what makes me get up every day.

It will be beautiful (and necessary), but it is not the purpose of writing the work. And to tell a tale. It'?s your tale. You' re trying your best to say it as well as you can. But the chances that[your book] will even be selling 100,000 are so infinitesimal that they are basically zero.

Well, the opportunities and visions aside, I have a strong conviction that we still do not see the best written by our, or anytime. I like to write (in alphabetic order, not by preference): I still like it today ), Brian Michael Bendis (can't forget graphics novels), Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman, Guy Gavriel Kay, George R.R. Martin, Michael Ondaatje, Brandon Sanderson and J.R.R. Tolkien (and most recently Brent Weeks) to name but a few.

The reader does not say that the author who reads it nowadays does not cut it. There are no more tales to be told, neither the reader nor the author say. The number of novels is increasing, and there are many poets who try to tell them. Only way that can pass is to do it.

You' re writing the script. I have just signed up for Patreon, an easy way for someone to make a contribution to the project: You' ll get great prizes for writing the script (one of them is Immortality. Don't tap it until you've tried it). I would really appreciate it, and it would help other folks see the whole thing.

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