I am not good at Writing

I'm no good at writing.

But why do I still want to know that I'm not the best? He was good and had many meritorious gossips. He had a whole series of papers. I' ve been reading some of his essays and I have to say they were good. And then I went back to do my own part.

Only thought is that I thought about this writer and his writings.

It was intimidating, not only because of the clapping that the items had been given, but because the items were really well-crafted. It was intimidating because I know that my letter is not as good as what I had been reading. Someday I'll be the highest because my item got a 20-person hand.

The next morning I was reading a brilliant written story that brought me back to the floor. Because I know there are so many good authors already. So, I began to think why I was writing. It' an excercise I should have done before I began writing, but better later than never.

That was definitely not the only cause. It would have been better if I had done something else. So, I began to think more, and I began to reveal grounds why I began to type. As I recall, I began working as a writer a few years ago. That'?s why I came on. I had so much on my mind. That was the most important motivation for me to start working.

That'?s one of the reasons I am typing on Quora. I did so recently when I began again because I had so much to say. I realized there's no better way to say it than to type. And I wanted to take the joy of realizing that there would be a few guys in this whole wide globe who would associate themselves with my work.

Who' d have the feeling I wrote exactly what they' re feeling? And I know this because I am associated with certain writers when I do. Your letter does not only reflect what I am feeling now, but also how I felt in the past without even having known myself. And I know why I am a writer and what is important to me.

That doesn't mean I'm not improving my typing, but I know I have to keep typing, even if I'm not good. It also became clear to me that all the reason I am typing is for myself. I' m going to scribble what I want so I can get my thoughts across and get better.

All this doesn't mean I won't be furtively envious of the good writers out there. Now I have my own reason to be writing. I' m gonna come back and I' m gonna go over this.

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