I am going to Write a Book

I'm gonna write a book.

Look for blogs on your topics/skills/expertise and contact these bloggers. You can find relevant forums for your book and post it there. That'?s what I'll do if you watch and help. I' m going to download the Kindle version.

What's the title?

Someday I'll write a book on procrastination -

Not today, I have too many things going on. The most sneaky aspect of life in a constantly changing environment is that most changes do not happen so quickly that we need to make changes or do something now. I' m too busy today.

I' m not saying whether you begin to write today or whether you are reading a certain book, cleaning a cupboard or having the fuel in your limo. How e-books apparently levelled off at 20% of book purchases instead of entirely damaging stress, maybe we don't need to be learning everything about them after all!

Because of the absence of immediate consequences, most individuals, businesses, organisations, church, city or even country make substantial, important changes or take major, final measures only when they need to act. We have many instances of wider and more individual themes that were only raised when the whole globe around them collapsed and there was no longer any hesitation.

This means that publishing houses do not have to make any significant changes to the way they do buisness today. Writers don't have to know anything about the interactions of different types of public and they don't have to create a finished book for them. Sometime next sweek. The results are hardly ever so immediate that we cannot get the problem under control next weekend and are still in order.

Hold on, we're on holiday next weekend and the following weekend there's an item in our list, so we'll put it on next month's calender. It is a changing and changing environment, but it will be the same this evening and early next year. There are so many of them trying to be released, and many of them are aggressive in practicing their mind and working methods to adjust to new situations.

In the same way that the 12- to 16-year-old Olympic champions are now preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, there are writers who are practicing their mind, refining their skills and working on scriptwriting jobs that will not see the light for years. Sure, they could probably take a days, a weeks or a months off, but they don't.

Being a lifelong student is one of the most precious qualities because the environment is rapidly evolving in so many areas. One recurrent topic in my blogs is an invitation to take your letter seriously. In the fiercely contested typing industry, those who work now have to work harder.

In the same way that nobody makes a world-class pole vault in a few month, the writers do not become good at their work.

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