I am a good Writer

I' m a good writer

When other people think you're a good writer, there's a very good chance you are. I'm not a professional blogger. The work of every writer is to write. Without losing focus. However, I am a good observer;

I would trust the results of my quiz more than anyone else you will find in Cosmo.

Your letter is good?

Are you ever afraid that your letter might not be good? Then I have to remember that we all go through these misgivings - and sometimes we have to overcome them again and again on our writeing-journeys. How about you - is your letter good?

I will give you seven big hints to tell you whether your letter is good or not.... even if you can only say "yes" to one of them, then you are definitely in the race. If you can get two or more - I have no doubts that you are on the best way to write successfully.

Maybe you attended a school composition course and impress your teacher and colleagues. There is a very good possibility that you are if other folks think you are a good writer. Then you are a good writer - or at least on your way to becoming one. It is my firm belief that philology, orthography and punctuation are only part of what makes a good bit of script - but they are an important part.

Don't be worried if you haven't had much official teaching in these areas: many great authors come closer to them in a more intuitional way. When you can rely on these fundamentals, there is a good possibility that you are a good writer. View a part of your last letter with an editor or ask a colleague to do so.

You can see if you find many grammar (or orthographic or punctuation) errors, or if almost everything seems right. Keeping a good penmanship focus usually means that your own typing abilities are high. When it is easier for you to recognize errors or typing problems, you are probably good at sharpening and shining your own work.

The next replay of a poorly spelled item, website, or brief history, please make a copy or printout and make changes. Large, respected weblogs do not only accept contributions from guests. This also applies to pages like Copyblogger and Men with Pens - and also to large web pages outside the typing work.

When you are a frequent visitor to one or more blogs, this is another indication that your work is good: otherwise they would not welcome you. No need to be a well-known blogsmith to write a comment - in fact, you don't even need a blogs. Have a look at these great Mary hints and try it out as a visitor.

We have many literary contests, from large domestic contests to those organised by literary groups. A lot of writing-related journals have to complete contests on a month-to-month basis. When you are short-listed in any contest, even a fairly small one, it is a good enough indication that your letter is good enough to make an impression on the jury.

Ignore the worry about how good the other participants could be and just type out the best part. Authors, publishing houses and shopkeepers don't put their funds at risk unless they are optimistic about achieving a good outcomes. As you may accept a so-called lucky visiting position or create a small selection list with a history below face value, you will not be compensated for work that is not of a high quality.

When you have been remunerated for your letter - even if you are not yet alive - then you are good enough to compete in the market. Although this is only an additional source of revenue, it is a strong endorsement for you as a writer. Did these hints help you to realise that your letter might be good after all?

Muhammad Ali is a writer and writer/blogging trainer. Your Blogger's Guide to Efective Writing e-book will teach you how to create great blogs post, type for the web, work on your work, and evolve your blogs-voices.

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