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As writers write fiction

The Writers Write is a central point of contact for authors. You can read our articles for creative authors, bloggers and business authors on this website. The University of Iowa's International Writing Program "How Writers Write Fiction" will be running in September: The author Fiona Sussman talks about writing short stories, what the form can teach you and how it can help you write your novel. One becomes a writer by practicing and not just writing a short play and then waiting for admiration and applause.

The MOOCs | The International Writing Program

IWP's massively open on-line classes (MOOCs) provide endless possibilities for students around the globe to learn interactively in the fields of creativity, literacy and literacy. MOOC' offers pre-recorded videos by writers, which include IWP case residents and University of Iowa faculty, as well as life - and in sync discussion-based lessons by high-level teacher crews, literacy tasks and community-based feedbacks.

Backed by the United States Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the University of Iowa, each IWP MOOC is geared towards providing worldwide support for creativity in literacy training and culture-sharing. More than 47,000 IWP MoCs from 197 different nations have registered. There are no enrollment fee or prerequisites, so you can register for free.

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As writers write fiction in 2016: Stories Woman

The Massive Open Online course is now over. For more information about access to our MOOC archive, please go to our IWP Online Campus page. University of Iowa's International Dictionary Program will open a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on fiction, focusing on women writers and literature people.

The course is free of charge to all students and welcomes authors of all sorts. The MOOC is instructed by Margot Livesey, professor at the Iowa Writers' Workshop and writer of seven books and a compilation of shorts, and Christopher Merrill, director of the International Writing Program, professor of English at the University of Iowa and writer of six poem compilations, five non-fiction books and many translations.

As writers write fiction in 2016: Stéroied Women brings together aspiring and seasoned writers for the studies and practices of fiction literature writers. New authors are invited to explore the possibilities of creating fictitious figures, scenarios and tales through the use of video clips, lectures and exercises. Intermediate authors are encouraged to review their beliefs and improve and broaden their work.

Focusing on nature - the personalities of writers and feminine personalities that have been produced by all writers - the workshop guides attendees through a gradual analysis of how writers from around the globe address every facet of fiction from voices and dialog to storytelling and storyboard.

Contributors, who agree with their crafting principals and will advise the up-and-coming writers during the instructional video sessions, come from Guyana, Indonesia, Israel, Mauritius, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa and the United States, among others. MOOC instructors, who will work directly with students on-line on video, reading and typing, are Iowa Writers' Workshop graduates with extensive publications and extraordinary classroom experience.

It is free and open to writers of all sorts! Sign up for How Writers Write Fiction 2016: If you have any queries about this or any other forthcoming course, please email We' ll try to support a community group of MOOCs you work with.

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