How to Write your Story

Writing its history

"The story is just a swearword when you can't get to the meat. Once the story's written, focus on something else. History may need to be restructured as it is in fiction. No special talent is needed to create your own company history. Define the four key moments in your company's history:.

Make your story - How to begin

So tell me a story. You tell me one of the most impressive things about your early years. A few tales really remain with us. It is remarkable - almost magic - how we can organize and retrieve our memory. Her most significant work is linked to your experiences. That' s why it is important to know your history and your histories.

While you write your story, you will comprehend how each of these times affects you. When you tell your tales, you find their significance. When you find their significance, you begin to comprehend what is important to you and why. Failing that, here is an example that might help (fair warning - it's tough work!):

Adjust a 2-minute delay timeout. Consider important times in your lifetime. Attempt to find 5 seconds. Write down a working name for each of them. Well, if you have actually done the work until the timers ring, you have selected some deeply useful experience. Those are some of the times that make up your story.

Consider this: you have arranged every minute of your entire lifetime and come up with a small fistful that somehow moves you. It is unbelievable that from the oceans of experiences one can choose a few very important ones. When you are 25 years old, you have been living 13,148,725 mins.

When you are 35 years old, you have been living 18,408,215 mins. When you are 45 years old, you have been living 23,667,705 mins. When you are 55 years old, you have spent 28,927,195 min. When you are 65 years old, you have been living 34,186,685 mins. That'?s a whole bunch of mikes. However, no matter how many million of mins you have spent, you can easily find a fistful of them and arrange them all with (relative) lightness.

If I' m talking about sharing your important tales or your greatest tales of effect, sorrow or goodness - that's what I mean. That'?s why it'?s your story and nobody else' s.

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