How to Write your own novel

Writing your own novel

Blocked writing = indecision of the author. Fran├žois Sagan said: "I have to write to think. It is not that you are afraid of a blank page or that you especially love planning for its own sake. Important tips for editing your own novel. The Herald.

Teach how to compose your own novel with this imaginative typing course

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This course will show you how to organise and compose a novel, a novel or a novel with 75 different presentations and over 5h of music. You' ll see how to create and create puzzles and character, explore your own distinctive way of typing, and create a system that keeps you up to date so you can keep up to date.

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Editing your novel

The End " is really only the beginning for authors who take their trade seriously. Processing and resubmission begins with the first reading. Don't get started: Compete against the need to have your novel ready to use. I would say it is good to allow two whole days before you begin your first reading.

Under no circumstances should you begin reading for at least one month after the completion of the novel. Correctly reformat your work: Before reading your novel, please arrange the size. No. pages and your name and titles in the headline, 1.5 or twice the line space, a single, straightforward typeface, e.g. Times New Roman 12 point, dialog correctly placed and sections indent (like in a publishe book).

Let everything look nice and crunchy and professional right from the start - this makes reading through more comfortable and makes editing and noting easier. As a readership: For this reading through you have to try to step into the mentality of a "normal reader" and do your best to see the novel from the outside, as if it had been composed by someone else.

Don't start reading the whole novel: A further seduction with the first reading is to run away in one go. Do your best not to. Sitting for a very long period of in a kind of novel whirlpool, you loose the feeling of detachment that I'm hitting.

Whenever possible, distribute your readings over several working nights - and especially if you have the feeling that you are either a brilliant author or the poorest author in the world. Don't go into the sun! Use a stylus to write down your details and make a note in a notepad and on the type script, but don't be worried about the details.

Not even that this is the right moment to find out if certain sequences work - tell yourself it's okay to let that go until later. The first reading is about the big whole and your wide reader response. You could for example write: "Rachel is unpleasant - a terrible moan" about a personality that gets on your nerves or " the ending really gets really banal in the middle" or "the end is banal".

Don't forgetting to take good note when you think things are working!

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