How to Write your own Life Story

Writing your own life story

It doesn't take fame to write your own autobiography. When you write with your own voice, the result seems authentic. Is your family really aware of your heritage? Transform your life into a story. You can tell the story of your ancestors.

Writing your own life story

Most of us achieve a certain period in our life when we think about recording our life story - our memoirs. If it' something you just want your kids or grandkids to do, or if you want it to be made public, the problem most of us face is to know how to actually do it.

Writer Michelle Dicinoski has produced a textbook, which makes it very easy for readers to write down their work. It offers a range of commemorative challenges with a concentration on moment and person and on sensorial detail such as scent, soundtouch. As a reaction to the request, the readers begin to tell minute tales of their lives.

"I think folks write memorabilia to conserve and comprehend certain parts of their life. As I was composing my memoroirs, Ghost Wife, I wanted to write down tales that could otherwise be forgot and investigate some of the relations I had to struggle with," Dicinoski said. Lettering mentors are flooded with student, keen on help and motivating them to write their life-story.

Alison Singh Geetold Huffington Post Australia, writer and teacher, says that your life story is about understanding the meaning of your life and linking your story to other lives. "There is the anxiety of not reminding, the anxiety of annoying those you remember in your memoirs, the anxiety of being criticized," said Gee.

Don't be worried that something makes or unfolds in a clean way. Type of what I call MWECS -- moment when everything change. Those are the times in your life when you are crossing a line of awareness because something has been happening to you. Or, you are crossing a line of awareness and feeling as if you can no longer go back to a place of ignorance.

BRAINSTORMING between 10 and 20 AMECS and then each one into full-surround sound sequences, with actions, dialog and sensorial descriptions. Then, write at least ten of them and put them away for a while.

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