How to Write your own Book

Writing your own book

An established step-by-step system to write and publish what you already know with the skills you already have. Now, one of the best ways to do this is to create your own book. Have you got an idea that makes a perfect book? The Write Your Own Book guides your child through the excitement of writing his or her own story. The chess masters agree that it is important to study and comment on their games.

Like writing your own book: An entrepreneur's guideline

It all began as a magazine post and finally became a textbook and a careers as one of the world's premier ghost writers and writers. He has written 106 novels, many of which have become bestsellers, among them New York Times and Wall Street Journals, for great sportsmen, Fortune 100 CEOS and celebreties.

The Compass, one of her works, was also a film. We' met with Kling this weekend so she can give us some tips on getting us going with a bestseller and, who knows, a new one. I want you to do as much as you can. "All great things are a clash of inner and outer experience of living, past and present," says Kling.

So the more tales and novels you are reading, the more thoughts and images you will have there. So, when it's writing turn, these thoughts, the words and the texture that are added to your own experience will give your own history another layer that will make it more rich and persuasive.

Turning ideas into a book

To create a textbook the old-fashioned way is a pain. It is a bewildering and unnecessarily time-consuming editing and publication experience. We have developed a creative approach that turns your concept into a textbook and only takes about 50 hrs on the telephone over 7mths. The best of all, the textbook is all your thoughts, in your words and your part.

You' re just talking about what you know, and we use our methodical and proven processes to put your thoughts into a workbook. This is a very contemporary way of looking at an old idea: We update the old Scribe style in a systemic and contemporary way to provide you with a script that fully matches your own thoughts, words and even your own voices - but much simpler than doing it yourself.

As we know, it is difficult to entrust the publishing to someone else - even seasoned pros. It'?s about your reputations. We' re not going to work with you unless we believe in your concept. There is a way to ROI in your work. I' m sure your work will be highly regarded. You will have your own thoughts, words and your own voices in your books.

We' ll have a promotion schedule for your product. The best authors have received Emmy Awards, Pulitzer Prizes and New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers. The authors we work with are all tried, proven and distinguished in their crafts, but as in any professional collections, some are outstanding.

You will be mated with one of the best authors in the business and they will come to you to work on your work. All of our full service is contained in this bundle. These include a full PR and press advertising ad campaigns that will allow you to place 12 to 15 products in your marketplace in the three months after your inception.

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