How to Write your first novel

Writing your first novel

Joe's new novel, THE SWITCH, is now available! Every writer knows there is a difference between your first novel and your first publishable novel. Edouard is an app for first-time authors. Edward can help if you are discouraged by blank pages or surprised by a writer's block. Excerpt > How to write your first novel.

Writing your first novel

You were raised with a torch under the ceiling, and now you want to do one of those frenzied readings that you so fondly recall. After I just released my second YA novel, Parked, I know that novel-writing is a long and hard way that drives you mad and makes you badly compensated.

The longest of the long series. To create the first design, convert it into a second design, find an operative, go on subjugation and make a trade-off can take month (or even years) - which is just the beginning of another very long one. In order to get a bond and love for your projects, it must make sense for you.

You have to inspire the idea, the character and the messages speaks directly to your souls. When you don't see the big hits of your selected style, don't give Go away, don't gather a publisher agreement. The times when the author wrote alone and in a void of air are over. To be well-rehearsed in your own discipline helps you not only in your own work but also in connecting with your greatest ambassadors: your coauthors.

Novelists argue for each other. Get in touch with your favourite Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook contributors. Look at her reading. If I' m starting a subproject, I just put a brief piece on it. The novel I am working on, for example, is "a fun, sinister and true look at feminine youth.

" You will live a separate lives, but the clarity about what you want will help you to remain ingrained. What is the relationship between this sequence and my premonition? Do I explore this premonition, or am I misplaced? You should have a dream that you want to tell your own people ('cause when the story comes out, that's all you're gonna do for month, just tell me!).

Several authors insult structures and endpoints. Whilst I still let myself be amazed and explore what's working at the moments, I like to sit down and know exactly what I' m filming. Wherever you drop along this range, I have found that it is useful for beginners to have at least a little astructure.

I' m more like a scriptwriter, so it's no coincidence that my books have three nudes that have been influenced by Heroes Journey. I' m working in four day a weeks in electronic form, so I have three day to type. During my weekdays I come to the NY Writers Room between 10 and 12 o'clock.

That' drawing: scene drawing. I' m opening my notebook and reading about it. You will probably have a different experience, but once you find it, you have to do it. Consider typing as a duty to have as serious as a work. You will often find that your best ideas are not your first ideas, because they are a little clich├ęd (the first ideas that come to your head probably came up in everyone else).

It is also important that you find spin in the tropics of your particular category. In my new novel "Parched", for example, I wanted to investigate the first world-third-world division by having a vaulted town where the richest 1% lived while the 99% starved to death. And if you astonish yourself, you will amaze your reader, and they will like you.

Finally, while working on a perennial you are so passionately involved in, keep an eye on things. Just take down this!

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