How to Write your first Book

Writing your first book

Writing your first book is the easiest way to choose a topic that will make you feel comfortable. So literally you can write a book about everything, so go with what you know. You want to write your first book? These are ten habits that make writing easier and help you write a successful book. Let me guide you through the process of writing your first book.

Writing and publishing your first book: 10 insights

For many of us, it is a fervent wish to write a bestselling novel - but where do we start with the first part? How do you publish your work when your masterwork is finished? Their latest novel, Nowhere Child, is a novel that builds on their earlier works Stranger Child, The Back Road, Only the Innocent and Sleep Tight.

"My decision to post my first novel for the Kindle at Amazon was the one that made a difference in my world... and that's no exaggeration," says Rachel. "The self-publication of my novel was an experimental process, but it was worth it. Writing thriller, my tales are made up of several threads, often from different angles - the policeman, the murderer and the vic.

Then I can choose any set to view all these sequences one after the other as if they were a separate novel. In my opinion, I have completely reread each of my books about 30 complete readings on general terms (without rereading single sections as I write). The most important thing is when I'm near the last cut, I just reread the whole story out loud so I know it will sound like it.

Structure cut - the part where someone with far more expertise than me is reading the script says that some pieces are in the incorrect order, or the tempo is slowing or one of my character is surreal - is critical. I' ll get her memos back, then I' ll decide, re-write them and reread them.

Specify a range of targets in which you enjoy working comfortably and then choose your goals. You can have a number of activities for each destination that you can watch to see which ones work for you. An excellent example of a goal would be to expand your mailinglist by five hundred people.

You may be involved in setting a hyperlink to a sign-up page on the back of your library, doing a promotional activity, generating a subscription to your Facebook page, your blogs or your website via a subscription to our newletter. You can then regularly provide your reader with the latest information about your presentation. Make a listing of reviews you like and ask them to review your review before you start.

Provide the reviewer with all the detail they need, as well as the content of the text, the length of the words and the game. It' too simple to get addicted to Twitter and be there all the time of the week - but there are many utilities that will help you begin the days writing your own Tweet and have it sent over time.

Keep in mind: The avarage Twitter reader will not read a tweeting for more than 15 min per days and will follow 270 users, so if you want to attract attention, you will have to twitter at frequent intervalls. Please tell us your experience in the commentaries below.

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