How to Write your Book

Writing your book

Clarity about your vision and initial goals will help you make the right decisions as you move along this path of learning how to write a book. Have I got what it takes to write a book? Spine cover & sales copy is important to sell your book to potential readers. When I wrote my first novel, I tried to take the next steps of editing and publishing. Sell the idea to a publisher;

write the book; advertise:

Like ( (and why) a Logline and a Tagline for your log?

The log line shows the core of your books in one single line. There' s something about the protagonist, the struggle and the use. So the WHO, the WHAT and the WHY of your history. If someone asks you what your textbook is about, you're probably giving them your log line. Tagline is a catchword.

It is a few words that captivate the readers. It is the high level of conceptualization behind your work. That slogan is what could appear on the front page of your text. There is no real story or personality evolution in the slogan. His task is to arouse emotions. To write a log line and a slogan for your ongoing work is a great practice.

In particular, the log line will help you to create a frame for your history. This slogan will help you to limit the emotions you want to arouse in your reader. You will also be forced to distil your history. Let's begin with the log line by responding to these questions: Who' s your protagonist?

Wherefrom does the history take place? This long phrase gives us an impression of who the protagonist is, what has been happening to them and why it is important. Stuff that didn't make the logline: This slogan is short, but not necessarily simpler. One slogan for The Wizard of Oz could be:

Only six words, but they give a feeling of adventures and agitation, that is the emotions that the work arouses. Wonder what emotions your readership should experience when reading your work. When you know what you want your readership to be feeling, come up with five or six different slogans.

You don't actually need to tell them much about your tale. You just need to make the readers sense something. Here are your assignments this week-end, ninja! Create your own tag line and log line for your ongoing work. This can help to get feedbacks from other authors. I will be on Sunday 18.03.2018 in our Facebook group to reply to all your letter related snippets.

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