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Getting a good book

Hear your voice on the page. ...le Guide Classique de la Non-fiction.

Von William Zinsser. He was praised for his advice, clarity and warmth of style. Want to learn how to write better books, blog entries and even emails? Your book's specific focus will also be an important factor.

Writing tips from the legendary writing teacher William Zinsser

Writer William Zinsser passed away on Tuesday, May 12, 2015, at his home in Manhattan. A 92-year-old, he bequeathed one of the classic writers of user guides as his heritage, OnWritingWell. The book has already paid 1.5 million units since its first print in 1976, and Zinsser has ensured that the book has been regularly updated.

He love the revolutionary way of typing that the computer brings, and called it a wonder. Interester emphasized ease and effectiveness, but also elegance and excitement. These are 10 of his many hints to improve your typing. It'?s an act of egotism, and you might as well acknowledge it. Interesters follows his own suggestion that this book (pick up a copy here) is a pleasure to study, with an exuberant sense of humour and contagious ardor.

As a free-lance art author, Ted Mills is currently moderating the FunkZone podcast. They can also join him on Twitter at @tedmills, view his other artworks on and/or view his movies here.

Connell's guide to good writing

Tim de Lisle gives you the keys to good handwriting in a few airy chapters: how to be clear, succinct and descriptive. It rattled through the fundamentals of vocabulary and phrasing, revealing the moves that make your typing come to life, and guiding you around the cliffs of self-confidence. Have a few lessons with this book and you will be learning things that will help you for years to come.

To read this eBook on any Apple or EPUB reader, please choose the "eBook" item. It synchronizes the eBook with your eBook collection on your machine. The PDF eBook is recommended for all other units. You can also buy The Connell Guide to Write Well for HALF Precious for a certain period of the year by purchasing both of them.

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