How to Write the Perfect Book

Writing the perfect book

Her life - as she sees it - is perfect. Find out how - it's easier than you think! Would you like to write a NONFICTION BOOK? Do you have trouble writing it? The best books like Write the Perfect Book Proposal:

As one has to surmount the need to create the consummate work, as a novelist who is also a Perfektionist

I' still freezing a hundred places while I'm typing when my inner perfectist won't be quiet, but I've seen a few things that have worked so far. They have a perfectly clear picture of what your history should look like and see no point in typing it if your words lag behind this premonition.

That' s at least why I haven't written for so many years. I' d begin to realise the first section was junk, and give up. I' ve learnt how to work over and over again. Then I learnt the storytelling skills of novels and beautiful writers. I' ve revised my textbook, and then I have written more.

I have learnt that it is not fair to check my first designs against my (or other people's) finished and shined work. So is my job done perfectly? My perfectionistic side is still crying about it. However, I am learning much more from my finished book than from those that keep perfectly blurred vision in my head (I don't really study until I begin to screw it up and fix it).

Whenever I am writing, revising and editing an incomplete work, I set myself new tasks for the next one. I could never do that if I didn't soak it up and screw it up. But I do agree with that part. Teach to be happy about what smells and party the good sides.

Acknowledge that it's okay if the first designs are shit. Find good critics and writers and take your critique with charm (and pop if necessary). Teach from your errors. P.S. - There is nothing incorrect about having a professionally produced textbook before asking for it.

This is how I get closer to myself, and I am actually happy that my perfectism does not make me half-hearted. This is not the same as the expectation that it is the same.

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