How to Write the first Sentence of a novel

So how do you write the first sentence of a novel?

Inaugural lines are by far the most important sentences a writer will write. I' m not saying that they are the most important artistically. Enhance your writing with examples of opening lines from the literature! You shoot the white girl first. Good opening line attracts your attention by making one of seven things brilliant.

What is the best way to write a good opening line to a novel or tale?

It is often hardest to write the first line of a novel because we always want to do it right. However, I would not concentrate so much on the first line as on the first subparagraph. Several ways have been found to be efficient in attracting people.

I' ll list some of them below, but you can find easier more on blogs entries like this, or by analysing how some of your favorite textbooks in your category are tending to star. You' re not going to open your novel with a big BANG, because that's a bit exaggerated.... But it can be quite simple, according to the type, to inspire the readers with an exciting movie.

When you choose to do so, make sure you don't give up characterisation and attitude on the first few pages, as it may confuse the reader to go into an unfamiliar area. When you really pin on your opening line, try to think of something really brief to open your novel with.

If you want to open your novel with a fictitious realm, this brief, crisp size can work particularly well. This is my favourite because it is the best way to get the readers to at least see the first few pages. It' ideal if you write dystopic literature or if you have something "extraordinary" in your text.

That contradicts my previous suggestion to look at other titles in your category, because this is about creating something completely new. Imagine what your reader might want as an opening for your textbook and go in the opposite directio. Don't keep this for too long, of course, because you could let them down!

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