How to Write the best Story

Writing the best story

Insert your best material, but leave the sink in the kitchen. And the best authors are enthusiastic observers. Comment écrire la meilleure fin pour votre histoire, par Writer's Relief. I think that authors who write about the future can often be carried away by these notoriously generic ideas about advanced technology and mind control. They can crack the list of top stories from Medium.

Writing the best ending for your history

A spoiler alert: No mater how big your storyline is, if the end fails or is not right, it will ruin the whole game. You' d think that ends should be simple to type - just pack all the slack ends of the tale, bind the whole pack with a pretty little ribbon and finish it, right?

When the ending is too perfect, the reader can dismiss your ending as fictional. However, if it is too chaotic and not solved properly, the reader may be unhappy. In order to achieve a convincing and satisfactory ending, think about trying the following techniques: Whilst this kind of ending is tempting for authors because it can be thrilling for the reader, use it with care.

It was supposed to be an unanticipated action, but not incredible. When your storyline is about a pair who fall in romance while sitting in a coffeeshop in the city centre, don't suprise them with a shinjas at their back. That gives them something to think about - and a good excuse to read your tale again later.

For the reader, complicated ends often seem more rounded and full-bodied than ends that only hit a tone. Keeping the end of your work open may irritate some people, but it is certain that they will think and talk about your history long after that. When your storyline is strongly character-driven and the action depends on your character's ability to make changes, the end of the road can be for you.

Get your characters to the point of possible maturity - then show them that they are returning to old ways. When your storyline is finished, it's past the point of stopping typing. Do you know your own style and your own people? When you write in a certain style and the reader expects a certain ending, think carefully before you choose not to give it to them.

Lastly, keep in mind that some of the best ends come from the experiment. Experiments can often end unexpectedly, but perhaps the whole thing should end the same way. Since 1994, Writer's Relief is an authors' entry services that supports authors in submitting contributions.

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