How to Write really well

Really good writing

but it' the only way to do something really good. Wherefore "Just Write" really is the best advise There are two types of advices for writers: Will you just keep your mouth closed, do that thing, get it all ready, get your fucking design ready? You have to obey all these really specific regulations that only govern one type of work. I' m going back to the ledgers for some things (making postmurders, taking good notices, keeping it easy, not dealing with the confidence of your reader, etc.), and I think most of the hugging bull-shit that is told under the umbrella of" Motivation" and" Inspiration" is pointless.

Cause if I don't really know you well, I can't make a typing sheet that takes your flaws into account. Just-- Just type the damn thing. We could have a talk about what kind of procrastinating is the best way to make crap appear in people's minds, but that doesn't really get to the point.

So, when it comes to drafting the first one, I can't say much. Whether you are drinking, logging, sniffing, shooting or thinking yourself into a tasty one. Simply do whatever it is that is necessary to find out an action that' s easy enough for you to know that you can type it and type the bloodied thing.

Just scribble the damn thing. You will try, and some folks are really good at keeping to an outlines, but there's always some kind of emerging detail you didn't anticipate. Sometimes these emerging detail changes the whole bloodied scheme. The only way that's gonna happened is if you just take a seat and put it down.

Just-- Just type the damn thing. There is a big damn distinction between studying to start writing and editing and studying to draw and editing inferences. Beginning 15 different scripts and getting only thirty k words at a stretch doesn't make you a good author. You' ll need to put words on the page, type the whole sheet and then work on it.

Writing 250 words a year will give you 91K. So, just type the damn thing. Many young authors try to validation their concepts before getting too involved. If you don't know the author's peculiarities, how could someone validation an concept beyond a wide yes/no/maybe?

It' the way you would deal with an invention and I would with an invention, is completely different. Can I give you views, thoughts, suggestions or far-reaching description of what I would do with the approach you are trying to confirm, but that is only through the lenses of prejudices and customs that I have made.

The only way for me to get a full view of what you're doing is to get the goddamn design done and give it to me. So, just type the goddamn thing. Know why I go on-line and ask for help? And there are certainly many authors who "only write" when they ask precise and detailled sentiments.

We' re calling these guys arseholes. There is a limitation to the amount of help you can get from someone for things you haven't done yet, and getting your first design is the simplest way to fix the wrinkles as a new author. There' s a great deal to write that can be debated.

Craftsmanship and philosophies are not sufficiently debated, if at all, because humans concentrate so much on their first designs that they don't allow any room for processing and self-reflection. However, for every author who has a sound design at his disposal, there are another twenty who have not even completed their first act. Just-- Just fucking type.

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