How to Write own Story

Writing your own story

All of us have the choice of ending ourselves. Do not hesitate to seek advice, but remember to take it with a grain of salt. Writing a Tap Story Check out our blog post, how to write on Tap! Use a notepad and write your past, present and future. Did you always want to write a story or a play, but did you wonder where to start?

I was so obsessive about the things that were causing me anguish that nobody else wanted to think about.

I was so obsessive about the things that were causing me anguish that nobody else wanted to think about. It' s more like I' m really deep-seated. Being able to connect my past with my present was indispensable for me to possess my history.

It was only then that I could look forward and write my ending - choosing how I wanted to live on. As I was working on my novel In the Shadow of a Mastermind, it was facts and truths that interested me. It was the aim to put together a jigsaw of accurate information so that facts and proof could talk, and then my story would appear.

And, yes, in many ways it was a tragic story about Grandfather, Father and me, a story full of mental diseases, suicides and other comedies. Also, my own words opened a doorway to so many recollections that had nothing to do with the story. It felt as if I had opened an infected cut by my letter, and now I had my doubts that it would ever be healed.

On several occasions I was sorry to have opened this gate, perhaps influenced by the myth of those who were penalized by God for their creativeness and inquisitiveness. Today, when I know all the facts, I don't have any regrets about a vote in my writeings. But I wish I had known what I know now - that it is natural to start feeling sick when I write about hard lives and loaded reminiscences.

At the beginning we can hardly begin to sympathize, it is important to be conscious of this, but it will be over. Lettering that explores issues that are important to us, that connect the past and the present, thoughts and emotions, will in the long run result in better physical and psychological wellbeing.

I' m sure that would have made me more secure in my work. Speaking in her writers manual entitled A Way of Healing, Louise DeSalvo says that anyone who plans to write about traumas should first make a self-help agenda with a strategy for dealing with them.

If we have such a scheme and are confident, then it can be truly beneficial and empowering. Then we can write about everything, she says. To let more folks write. It was a provocative task to write my own volume, but I still had the impression that it would help me through what was hard in my Iife.

At the height of my story - my grandfather's drama, my father's suicidal tendency and my own disposition to the Great Depression - Scripture turned into something very constructiv. And I wanted to give my story a promising ending. Although the story I told in In the Shadow of a genius was based on facts and truths that I could not alter, there was still much in my own story that I had control over.

What I had been looking for for so many years felt sudden and quite naturally to write.

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