How to Write Nice Letters

Writing beautiful letters

It' the best you can do. Attempt to sit comfortably, with a suitable pencil or pencil (depending on what you prefer), and simply write random words on paper. You do this in your usual handwriting, then under the words, write them neatly and better. How come my writing never looks so nice? A nice little tutorial for those who haven't discovered it yet.


Letter writing Nice: 5 easy moves

That Instructable is about alphabetic characters, as one writes those characters in many other kinder ways, and it should be useful for those who has no direction of making art characters. Anything you need is a fundamental tool that you would probably be carrying around most of the while.

There' ll be three kinds of typefaces, 3-D and other typefaces you invent yourself, so you can get an impression of how letters look good. Of course, you don't have to be a pro or a talent in art and it doesn't have to be perfection and precision, because people aren't like computers, but you have to think about the basic letters and characteristics of typefaces and try to keep those things.

  • If you would like to write the base shape (for example, if you want to write'table', just write it and it would be simpler if the letters were capitalized). - Now that you have written the letters, paint or shape them as you thought at the beginning. - Besides, you can also place shadows or colours on the letters to make them more attractive.

This is the first typeface I made to show an example of how I followed the instructions to make a beautiful one. Second, I wrote the letters in the base shape in the desired format. That is the second typeface I have made. Second, I just put a border on each letter, which is just a decorative element.

You could also put a color on letters to make them more visually attractive. Third-letter fonts are usual, but complex, because this typeface takes many footsteps and a little skill in creating 3-D letters. But if you think about the 3-D combination, it would be simpler than you have tried before.

First, I've just typed and I' ve typed A-Z. Second, I created an outline like in the old one. But in this typeface I deleted all the letters I wrote in the first stage, namely the base letters and the border fields. Then it would look like a real box-style note.

When you can't think about it, you can just go on the web and find out what 3-D letters look like and get help from there OR you can just copy my 3-D letters. You can also shade the letters with a graphite or other colours after you have finished the 3-D letters.

Stage 5: Now you should have little or more experience to write letters in other nice ways so that you can try it out on some blank paper now.

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