How to Write my Story

So how do I write my story?

Note from the editors: Claire De Boer is an author, editor and mentor with a special interest in how history unites and heals us. You decide how to organize your story. Jog your memories with photos. And the hardest thing is sitting in front of an empty page. and work on your life story as much as you want.

Writin' your history might be the most important thing you've ever done

Editor's note: to get a free eBook, Soulriting. I was a fairytale artist until a few years ago. In a fictitious universe, I couldn't see why humans wanted to talk about reality when they could make something much more interesting. In other words, until I found the curative force of my story's author.

At this point I was composing a play for an on-line journal and I was going through a significant mental state. Each phrase I composed was sober because I tried to work in a way that was not my present world. All within me was resisting the letter of the truth because I did not want to acknowledge how I felt.

Eventually I realised that I had to type out of the darkness or not at all. In the same way I began to rewrite about many different moments and conditions from my past, always concentrating on what I could see, listen, smell and see, and on the feelings that came with me as I returned to these recollections.

I was intrigued by the creative power of the letter as a way of recovery. To write and share our histories is one of the most potent ways to growth and to make this trip from mind to hear. As we write our old history, we find ourselves in the middle of a new history in which we have the liberty to be our real self.

My gait of depressive disorder has shifted significantly since I wrote my own history. I' ve come to embrace it as part of my trip and realise that recovery and development are available to me when I attune to my needs by means of script. It can be frightening to think of the history of your past, the highlights and casts of everything that has left its mark on you.

I' ve also purchased some great textbooks about memoirs and how to find your history that have guided me through the trial. You' re the only one who can tell your tale, and it's only by typing, sharing and unlocking that you can start rewriting your own world. You ever write one of your stories?

How was the trial for you?

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