How to Write my own Book and get it Published

Where can I write my own book and get it published?

I was very lucky with my own books. I have written and published eight books so far, a ninth of which is in progress. As one writes his book and publishes it. "'Don't take your book to heaven! But the good news is that you don't have to be a great writer to be a published author.

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Ten years ago, before September 11, Kindle, Facebook and Twitter, Arielle, my ex-agent and present woman, and I had both published volumes. Random House and Simon & Schuster, our editors, seemed alarmingly disinterested in assisting us in the sale of our work. If we could get Leroy Satchel Page or Jane Austen into the bookshop, they said they would like to have an activity with us, otherwise they would be totally disinterested in us or our work.

Mothlike to the flame-writers, they flown angrily and threw their volumes to Arielle. How about creating an experience that explains how to put something you care about in the minds, heart and minds of people all over the oce?

All of them had two things in common: 1) They wanted to be successfully released. 2 ) They wanted to sell their accounts to an industrial pro who could help them make their dream come through. Pitchapalooza was thus created - an American idol for literature in which authors had one moment to present their work to a group of coaches.

They then criticize their ideas, while an audiences of emerging authors and those who loved them soften the whole thing. It assesses everything from characters to storyline, presentations to sales, titles to compositions, to find friendly bookseller, an agency. Wherever we went, there were so many great tales, so many impassioned authors who simply don't know how to find their way in the turbulent seas of the Publishers' World.

We are proud that many Pitchapalooza attendees have gone from being gifted amateur writers to professionals with released work. This will bring us to Thursday evening, November 11, at Barnes & Noble in E. 82nd St., in the pulsating centre of the publisher's capital, NY, NY, NY, NY. This was the start of The Essential Guide To Getting Your Booktype and our largest Pitchapalooza yet.

There was Larry Kirshbaum, a 40-year-old publisher and former CEO of the Times Warner Books Group, now director of his own Frahlingur, LJK Literature Management. Group Publisher Bob Miller of Workman Publishers. As our work is edited by Workman, it was a "make or break" age.

If it sucks and nobody shows up, it could bury our eBook, which is just a brand-new one. We' ve sent thousands and thousands of emails to groups of writers who publish information about you. Humans, your family, your family, your family and your family. Fortunately, we are fortunate to have a rare piece in the bookshop: a publishers who actually support his work.

You have connected us to the Gotham Writer's Workshop, which sent an email to 70,000 authors to promote our show. Picture our amazement and joy when we arrived at 6:15 am and a bunch of jittery authors with hopes in their heart and starry-eyed awaiting to throw.

Some old caucasian wrote a novel about dark sentiments. An attorney shot a whodunit with a counsel. One of the coaches, who named himself The Goddess Next Door, threw a novel for ladies entitledentrepreneurs. Italians immigrated septuagenarians threw a pamphlet about how he learnt English when he came to America as a teenager, the first words he learnt were: bickering you, butt hole and sons of a bitch. The first words he learnt were: bickering you, butt hole and ul.

There is a researcher from Norway who has written a novel about how delicate it is. There are two different types of novelists who have written about the first woman in office. There was a Tuerto Ricans throwing a suspense with a mombo beats. Semi- Swedisch, semi- Africans immigrants threw a memorandum about homelessness and the end of the sexual trade:

"New York rencontre l'Américain Gigolo. "A large, handsome young lady threw a notebook about supporting girls in awarding sports grants to the school. There was a lady who was spending a few hours in the penitentiary throwing a penitentiary memoire. Tossed a memoroir about becoming his own attorney and gaining a case against NYU.

There was a young lady, forced by a wish to help ill kids, who opened an open parasol in a children's novel about Pointy. There' s a man in a cap who wrote a volume of poems about how great they are. However, the victor, Verne Hoyt, gave a bid that shuddered through the judge and the crowds.

Unfortunately only 23 persons came into play, so that over 100 authors became a victim of pitcher break. If they were done correctly, they would make mighty, important and profoundly enjoyable work. Several authors were addressed by editors and editors who were in the public.

Barnes & Noble Event director was there and he was unbelievably merciful. Just like you saw it in your mind. It' like the guys wearing T-shirts saying SEXY. The claim that he wrote the next Pray Love or Harry Potter makes an author look like a blinded man.

5 ) Never say that your work is like no work ever made. It will never be released. Publishing houses want to find trustworthy but original works. 6 ) Create an elevatorsitch... The elevators are a brief description of your textbook where Y hits Y. For example, Jaws in Outer Space=Alien.

The Twilight Series. Our book's elevators are the What Toect When Your Expecting of Publish. Yes, we lend you a song from a completely different area of the bookshop, but you know exactly what you will get from this area.

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