How to Write my own Book

Where can I write my own book?

I' d like to give you some quick tips on how to write your own book quickly and painlessly. Whichever the reason, now is the time to check that dream off your list. Describe something you know and make it your own. I knew in the back of my mind that I should write my own book now, but again I let my obligations fill my time. To make your book saleable, use the signs/context, but make it clear that you are writing a new story.

There are 6 good reason to compose a book (and how to compose it in 48 or less hours)

On a south-western trip Mike Koenigs had an interesting talk when he listened to a series. "It'?s Richard Dreyfuss! Königs listened to the two discuss how they could hit Dreyfuss. He began to see how he himself could see Dreyfuss.

Koenigs didn't want to hit him unless he felt he could create value. At first he asked himself: "What could Dreyfuss want from me? Koenigs did a fast Google scan and found out that Richard Dreyfuss actually had an organisation he had founded. Koenigs took out one of his books Publish and Profit, a copy of which he taught them how to make a good publication and turn it into a mighty trade resource.

And then he used to write this to the script with a Sharpie in black: Koenigs went to Richard Dreyfuss after the plane and said, giving him a copy of the copy of the textbook, "Mr. Dreyfuss, I have an ideal that will create cash and consciousness for your group.

" Threefoot immediately turned to Koenigs with big ears and a broad grin and said: "CALL ME RICK! "Then Koenigs asked: Have you authored a work? "Dreyfuss said, "No, I've wanted to for years. "It turned out that they were on the same connection. Dreyfuss was in König's gym two a fortnight later and was questioned.

Koenigs says a correctly labeled textbook is the quickest way to tell: It is the ideal poster board, calling cards and lift language that you get "at a glance" and immediately. A correctly placed can do just that, and quickly. It is not only that, but a notebook that places you as an author in your alcove.

The" medium hook" is your guide. "A correctly organized textbook becomes your TED conversation or your keynote speech," Koenigs says. "Every section of the script can become an important part of your speaking from the theater. Koenig has this epoxy approach to quickly write a focused and robust work in 48 or lesshrs.

Thirteen of them he has himself authored within 48h. Writing an 80-100-page volume requires about 20-40 responses to such a question. All you have to do is devote 6-24 min to asking as many as possible in the two classes Koenigs prescribes:

As soon as you have these 20-40 quizzes and responses, you can take yourself in by saying each one. In 24h you will have a first back with all your suggestions. Then you can give an editors $1,000 to turn your disheveled thoughts into something clear, well-written and very mighty.

Suddenly you have a very sound first design of your work! Koenigs has used this procedure to get from the initial concept to the finished product within 48h. His Publish and Profit, which he gave to Richard Dreyfus, goes further than that.

A lot of folks have wanted to make a script for years. König's has some fairly convincing ways to get to some of the fewest individuals in the business with a work. I' ve used similar strategy with my own books. And not only that, but you can finish your work in less than a weeks and never think about it again.

It will then simply become a mighty one to improve your approach and your work. You use these policies. Publishing....... then benefit!

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