How to Write my own Book

Where can I write my own book?

Now I' m on my way to writing my first book. That's what she said about writing a book: As a matter of fact, the author is usually not the best person to write the description of his own book. It is difficult as an author because we are too close to our own work. When I tell other authors that my publisher kindly allows me to make my own book covers, the reaction I get is usually something like "Wow, you're here because you're finally ready to make your dream come true, write your own book.

Writing a work in less than 24hrs.

Did you always want to make your own text? Well, for most folks, the obvious choice is yes. Indeed, since I have been in the Kindle business, I have had so many requests from those who want to make their own books but just don't know how. A lot of folks are tempted not to have enough free space, they don't think they're a good author, they don't know how to be an authority on a particular field, or they're just too scared of the job of reading a text.

I' ll tell you in this videoblog how you can once and for all create your own textbook that you can post and earn with. I' ll give some hands-on advice and strategy that have enabled me to create my own textbooks in less than 24hrs.... and show you how you can do the same.

And you can do it too! I have written these 3 popular Kindle Literature in less than 24h! The majority of folks think that it is either not possible or not realistic to create their own textbook in less than 24h. That' s what I thought.... until I used my idea of implementing it in my letter and producing each of these high-quality Kindle novels in less than 24hrs.

I have provided a link to the above mentioned textbooks so that you can try them out for yourself: These are all high-quality Kindle textbooks, which have many book reviewers and an enormous added value for man. They are not just brief ledgers.... they vary from 86 pages to 238 pages!

I made a radical change to my philosophies to create a script that allows me to create these in less than 24hrs. See, my first try to make a script was six years ago. and I wanted to start my own script.

Being intimidated by the job of composing this script, I hesitated throughout the whole procedure and it ended up taking me over a year to write this one. By the time I published this volume, it was not as popular as I had originally expected.

It was true to know what I know now that I could have published this in less than 24hrs. Is 80% of this volume able to help and create value? Fewer than 10% of respondents will be reading beyond the first section of your work! Do you know that less than 10% of those who buy your books will continue to study after the first one?

I' m here and I spend all this amount of my life and effort writing something that I think will help everyone, but only 10% of my clients actually get the full outcomes! As I begin to drill why this is so..... the reply was obvious: Most humans are too scared by too long textbooks!

Do you think about it.... looking at these long ledgers that are almost as big as your mind, how inspired you think you are to do so? I' m not gonna waste month or years reading a textbook. Ever since I published my own Kindle literature, I have noticed that the markets for what the public want have changed.

I' ve found that what's really better on Kindle SOLD is NOT a 200+ page long pamphlet that you would be selling for $9. 99 or $19.99..... but rather a brief, 30 to 100 page pamphlet that you can sale for $2 instead. 99 to $4.99. They are more interested in purchasing a range of titles than an "all-in-one" volume of more than 200 pages.

Actually, I believe that if you have a 200-page eBook, you should divide it into a number of smaller 50-page ones that are selling for $2.99 each. They can even give them the opportunity to buy all 4 of your works at a higher cost (the equivalent of the 200-page book).

That really SALES better, makes you more moneys and promotes the readers so much more because they really RELEASE your entire work! Your book's value is NOT defined by its length! It is often feared that if their books are too brief, they will not be of enough value to man.

Do you know that there are many ledgers that are only a few pages long and that you can start reading within 5 mins. They are valuable because the information in them is so strong? My favorite one is the It Works:

This famous little red volume will make your dreams come true. Kindle says this is only 28 pages long. I' ve got the pocketbook of it and I'd even say it's much short as I've been reading this one in less than 5 mins. Suppose I tell you this little ledger is one of the best ledgers I've ever been to?

Here is another brief but interesting work that has transformed my whole existence and can be quickly reread..... it's only 26 pages on Kindle. As you can clearly see, the LENGTH of the volume does not affect its value. Indeed, if you can get your story across in a brief manual, why shouldn't you?

If you want to communicate your messages to the public, why do you have to send us literally a hundred pages? Well, I'll be straight with you... I'm a much quicker guy than that. As a matter of fact, I have been aware that if I can compose a textbook in 6 lessons, as I did with my Kindle Marketing Secrets textbook and I am writing at 100 words per min, then an avarage writer at 55 words per min could compose the same amount of words in about 12 h.

This is possible for EVERYONE.... it doesn't make any difference how quickly you do it. I have provided some easy tactics that I am following that allow me to quickly create a book: First of all, you need a theme for your work. They don't necessarily need a cover yet, but to know what the volume is about and the general theme.

Like when I was writing my Kindle Marketing Secrets volume, I didn't know what it would contain.... I just knew it would be on Kindle Marketing. As soon as you have the subject, you need to brainstorm the subtopics of the work. So what should this volume contain? So what are all the possible information that you can put into this work?

Once you have narrowed them down, these subtopics will finally become the sections of this work. There is nothing you need to know about the subject you want to cover! As a matter of fact, with the web, you can now research any subject you want and find all the information there is free that you need in your own Kindle textbook.

They can buy other related Kindle textbooks and get suggestions from them, or find YouTube video, Blogs, articles, or anything else that can give you the best information you can about your text. All that I wrote in my personal albums (or in my blog) are just information I have learnt elsewhere!

Focus on specific periods of your research and work. It' a high-performance production approach that has enabled me to type quickly and efficiently. I' m using an egg timer and give myself 45-60 min to finish a section as soon as possible. I' m not worried about language, orthography or tone - I just want to get my thoughts out of my mind.

It is an important tool because it will help you to get the "filter" out of your mind that blocks the authors and keeps your idea from outflowing. When you are sucking dead at typing, you can then take the design you have and have someone else proofread and improve it for you cheaply.

No need to type to create your own books! You can actually use Dragon Diction and talk about a subject and have it transcribed for you. Or you can engage a transcribent to transliterate your sound data for you and then use it as a script that you can release now.

If you can SPEECH, then you can start composing a volume. Hopefully you liked the information I provided on this videoblog and that it really inspires you to create your own text. Read my guideline on how to post a work for more information. Not only is it a great way to earn a living, but it' also a great way to help many individuals and create your own market.

Every company must have its own books. So if you are serious about your own script, I would like to ask you to take a look at a new course I just published that will reveal my 10-step approach to scripting a script in less than 24h. Named How To Watch A Books In Less Than 24 Highlights, the course is a tutorial containing step-by-step tutorial videos and PDFs to help you through every stage of the journey.

Its aim is simple: to help you create your own books in less than 24h. Hopefully you like the programme and I can't wait to see your work once it's out!

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