How to Write my first novel

What is the best way to write my first novel?

Obviously I couldn't write a cookbook! ""My whole life has had nothing to do with writing. Editing Your First Draft (A Checklist) Editing your novel yourself and getting your script ready for publication. Some time ago I finished my 4th novel by Fiona Griffiths. Nothing unnecessary or unnecessary was in it, only the whole volume had to be a little bit short.

In this article it is about how to write a novel, but on the basis of a concrete example of an writer (me) going through this procedure with my script as an example.

As my changes contained about 750 words of extra text, that means that I cut a little more than 6,000 words or about 5% of the novel. It will show how I did it. That was my 9th novel and my 13th or 14th one. An initial design by a new author is often able to loose 10%.

Do you think a 12-word phrase could become a 9-word phrase? That' the same as making 30,000 words out of a 120K novel! Secondly, the design that I had first supplied to my publishing house had already been worked on harshly. While the focus of this article is how to edit a novel, this article is only a small part of the entire game.

Each small item must help - or change. Third, it is worthwhile to remember the storyteller of my little Welsh investigator Fiona Griffiths who, according to one critic, has "some of the most memorable tales of the marching band". However, note how this makes the sequence better.

The new proposal had done a hundred, indeed a thousand such things: Here Fiona's questions appropriately reflect the meaning of "seeing nothing", so that the phrase can go. Taken a phrase. Overall, it was seldom that I came across sections (like the first section above) that I could really hew into.

Microsoft Word expects a grand total of 3400 changes between the first and second drafts. It' been a lot of work, but you're a novelist. This very first part was not taken exactly from an event but still with true liveliness: a search for whether an accident-related accident really could be a self-inflicted kill.

But the upper part comes from one of those sequences that all fiction has in abundance. The above reductions were therefore only intended to reduce the number of words. There was no need to start this phrase, "I would have preferred....". And, yes, this phrase does something to characterize Fiona Griffiths, but her personality is everywhere in this novel anyway.

It made no point to keep such a phrase in a sequence that wants to be short. Extinguished footage is completely OK, but it characterizes a place that is not used in the film. I think I wrote myself into the jail community with all this junk about the line.

You are welcome to register yourself in the sequence - just keep in mind to erase down. Not really words have been altered, but even for Mrs. Griffith's stackato this "Views...." movement did not have the strength to form a single heel on its own, so I edited the para-break and the text flowed better.

This first erasure ('all') is just a cleanup. Makes the phrase short, yes, but it also makes it better. I would have made the changes even if I hadn't been chasing the number of words. I' omitted the sentence'How the efficient...' because I wanted to condense this (not very high Oct number ) sequence, but then the repeat of the word'finished' would have been too much.

So, the first authority goes. The rythm works again: the Stakkato four-word phrase ('neat, fast, etc.'), followed by one that shoots the response and a little excitement about how Jackson will react. One phrase that ends'..... not the most obscure' is only a little less insistent than one that says'..... nor is it the most outlandish.

I' ve altered the phrase so that the emphasis is in the last but one. Will you get as near as possible to the drama? Noting that" drama " means everything that adds to the need for thought.

FionaĆ½s last questions push up a score (what does she ask, what does she want?), so the best place to end the sequence is right there, with the readers in the middle. As this is a long job, this is probably the right place to be. Don't think you'll have to fight your novel alone.

Have a look at our guide pages on how to write successfully and how to design a novel for more inspirat. We' ve founded our Rotary clubs to help authors just like you, and we'd really like it if you'd come and join us.

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