How to Write my first novel

What is the best way to write my first novel?

ander' bridge was my first novel and does not deal with it. Simply write Bridget Jones' next diary. Categories "Beware, otherwise you will end up in my first novel" Babygro. But I thought I'd better write a few scenes of my own, a short story or two.

I' m scared of what they' re gonna say.

When you wrote it for your own erection and you have no intention of reading it, then you really don't have to do anything. I mean, if folks don't like your novel, it doesn't mean you're a terrible man or in any way less.

Only it means they don't like your work. However, it is necessary for others to be able to view your work.

I' d suggest that you think about how you would advertise your work to a journalist or someone who would write a tale about your history.

It can help to strengthen your self-confidence and decrease your coyness. Whenever I can, I support myself and do cross-promotion. Well, not everyone is as enthusiastic about what I write as I am. You see us as an ordinary human being and give us no recognition for what we have done. Maybe it can be useful to ask complete outsiders to browse your text and give you feedbacks to overcome your timidity and encourage your work.

I' ve found that typing the contents accounts for 20% of the work and the remainder is the promotion. There, you will acquire abilities that will strengthen your self-confidence, develop yourself and your novel. Speaking about your novel is the next stage beyond the letter.

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